Picking the best electric guitar under $300 that plays wonderfully as well as will make you sound like a superstar isn’t very easy. Not all spending plan electric guitars in the $300 rate range are made of strong tonewoods as well as have great electronics as well as pickups. Some less expensive electric guitars also have a tendency to affordable out on the equipment like bridges as well as tuners.

That’s why we made this evaluation. We wanted to reveal to you all of the most prominent $300 electric guitars that are made of high-quality materials as well as are worth purchasing. It doesn’t matter whether this if your very first electric guitar or merely a newbie guitar that you intend to learn on. We’ll show you which one is right for you and also will certainly make you right into the rockstar you intend to me.

Best electric guitar under $300


The body of the guitar is made out of Basswood, while the bolt-on neck is constructed out of maple with rosewood fingerboard on the top. It is a C-shaped, 25.5 ″ Scale neck with twenty-one medium-jumbo worries as well as a huge 70 ′ headstock. It has nice-looking, vintage-style hardware, and 3 Duncan Designed SC-101 single-coil pick-ups. Obviously, there are the five-way selector-switch, the two Tone handles, and the Volume control knob.

Pros and Highlights.

  • Appears awesome– The three single-coil pick-ups sound great both clean as well as with distortion!
  • Classic appearance– The big 70’s headstock and the equipment on the guitar are offering this guitar very cool appearance;.
  • Really feels fantastic– The guitar is exceptionally usable.

Disadvantages as well as Prospective Imperfections.

It could require an arrangement– This is not an imperfection or something. However it is something you need to understand. The guitar will most likely need a configuration right out of the box.


Numerous owners of this guitar are claiming that this guitar is the best Squier ever before. It plays as well as really feels good, and it sounds fantastic! The Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster is a wonderful instrument, both for beginners and for intermediate gamers.

Jackson JS32 Rhoads


The Jackson JS32 is the budget friendly variation of signature Randy Rhoads Jackson guitar. The body of the guitar is constructed out of poplar timber, while the bolt-on neck is constructed of maple with graphite reinforcements. The fingerboard is rosewood one, with twenty-four stresses. The neck is rounder at the nut position, for simple rhythm playing.

The JS32 has an accredited Floyd Rose Jackson double-locking tremolo bridge, as well as Jackson Sealed Die-cast Adjusting devices. It has two Jackson-designed high-output humbucker pickups, a three-way selector button, and also Tone and also Volume control knobs.

Pros and Highlights.

  • Sounds incredible– The two humbuckers create a wonderful, fat tone. They seem remarkable both in clean and distorted arrangement.
  • Wonderful Neck– The neck is particularly made for very easy and rapid motions.
  • The bang for the buck– If you are trying to find a great value for the money, and also you desire this sort of guitar, don’t wait– you won’t be let down;.

Cons and also Potential Imperfections.

No cons!– If you are a true metal-fan guitarist, and you don’t intend to invest a lot of money on a wonderful guitar– the Jackson JS32 is a great option for an axe.

Bottom line.

Budget friendly, tough, comfy as well as sturdy guitar. It really feels terrific, and it appears remarkable. If you are a large fan of heavy music– this is all you require to go into the shredding globe. Fantastic $300 guitar for the money.

Ibanez RG421


Don’t get fooled by the rate of the Ibanez RG421– this point is a monster!

The body of the RG421 is constructed out of mahogany, while the neck is constructed out of maple. It has a rosewood fingerboard with twenty-four big frets. The bridge on the guitar is not a tremolo one, nevertheless, it is of high-quality. Additionally, the nut and the adjusting devices are not expensive, yet they do perform without imperfections. The pick-ups on the guitar are Ibanez Quantum– they seem excellent. It has a five-way selector-switch, Tone as well as Quantity control knobs.

Pros and Highlights.

  • It shreds!– This guitar is terrific for shredding. The neck is fast, and the pick-ups audio awesome!
  • Solid-body– The body is constructed of mahogany. Some may not like this, due to the fact that it weights more, however also, this is why the guitar sounds the method it seems.
  • Great for novices– It is a budget friendly guitar, with a terrific amount of playability. If you are simply starting, this guitar is a fantastic base.

Disadvantages as well as Prospective Imperfections.

Taken care of bridge– If you enjoy smoking as well as rapid design of playing guitar, you might likewise desire a tremolo bar. The bridge on the Ibanez RG421 lacks this feature.


If you are a novice, and also you enjoy metal music, the Ibanez RG421 is a fantastic starting point. It is a cost effective and durable guitar and also seems remarkable. The neck on the guitar is particularly designed for quick movements!

However, if you are an intermediate shredder, or you are not into metal songs, this guitar is except you. You will probably need something preferable for your style.

Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II.


If you like Gibsons more than Fenders, and also you are searching for an affordable Les Paul, Gibson’s little bro Epiphone makes just what you are seeking.

The Epiphone Les Paul Special-II is constructed out of Okoume timber, which resembles a light-weight substitute for mahogany, and the body of the guitar is level– various from the Gibson Les Paul’s body, which is bent a bit. Likewise, the neck on the Epiphone Les Paul is bolted, unlike the neck on the Gibson, which is glued to the body. It has a 24.75 Scale neck.

The fingerboard on the guitar is made out of rosewood and also has twenty-two stresses. It has two open-coil, humbucker pick-ups, which are providing a lengthy sustain, Tone and also Volume control knobs, and also three-way Treble/Rhythm button. The Epiphone LP Special-II has Tune-o-Matic bridge with stop bar tailpiece, as well as covered tuning equipments.

Pros and also Highlights.

  • Helpful for starters!– If you are simply beginning and also Slash or Jimmy Web page is your guitar idols, as well as your father is not a millionaire, you should probably begin with this guitar!
  • Feels great– The total feel this guitar has it’s actually nearby from a “specialist” guitar. As a matter of fact, with a few changes, you can take this charm when driving!
  • It appears ok– For a 199$ guitar, this is a great appearing one!

Cons and Prospective Defects.

Poor tuning devices– They are really poor. They often tend to get out of song actually quickly. If you currently have this guitar, or you are preparing to buy it. You ought to think about purchasing suitable tuning makers as well as change the old ones.

Bottom line.

The Epiphone Les Paul Special-II is an alright guitar for the cash. It has its advantages and disadvantages, however it is a decent one if you are just starting. The unfavorable sides are that the tuning equipments do not hold extremely well, and the pick-ups and the electronics are cheap. However, with a few modifications, the Epiphone LP-Special-II can conveniently come to be a guitar that you can play with on jobs.

Epiphone SG Unique VE.


Cost effective guitar, yet extremely playable! The Epiphone SG Unique VE’s body is constructed out of poplar timber with mahogany veneer ahead. The bolt-on neck of the guitar is constructed out of okoume wood, with a rosewood fingerboard, which has twenty-two tool jumbo, frets. The hardware on the guitar is constructed out of nickel, as well as features LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge and tailpiece, and costs covered adjusting makers.

The SG Unique VE has two humbucking, ceramic pick-ups, one at the bridge, as well as the other at the neck setting, three-way toggle button for pick-up selecting, Tone as well as Volume control handles. It is offered in a number of various colors.

Pros and Highlights.

  • Cost effective– If you are searching for an SG that won’t cost a fortune– there you go!
  • Fantastic noise– You will be impressed by the noise you will certainly get with this guitar. The two humbucker pick-ups supply you with punchy, yet warm guitar audios.
  • Playability– The “D”- designed neck is wonderful for playing both rhythm as well as solo!

Disadvantages as well as Potential Imperfections.

You require something better if you are an expert musician– Although this guitar is respectable for newbies, and it appears respectable, if you get on the “expert” side (meaning that you earn from guitar having fun), you will require something that seems and carries out better.

Bottom line.

If you are a large SG follower, you most likely can not locate a much better low-priced SG on the market. Epiphone SG Special VE is a solid-body guitar that plays and also seems decent for the price. However, if you are a specialist artist, you most likely require something much better, something with far better top quality pick-ups and equipment at least.

Fender Squier Requirement Stratocaster.


The Criterion Stratocaster by Squier is an excellent guitar for those who are simply starting. It has actually a body made out of Agathis timber and a C-shaped neck made of maple with large 70 ′ headstock. There are two fingerboards available, Laurel and Maple. It has twenty-two medium frets.

It has 2-Point Integrated Tremolo with Block Saddles bridge and also basic Die-cast adjusting makers. The pick-ups on the Squier Criterion Stratocaster are 3 single-coil Requirement Strat pick-ups, and also they have the conventional format of controls: the five-way button, as well as the two Tone and one Quantity control handles.

Pros and Highlights.

Great for newbies!– It is inexpensive and usable. If you are simply entering into the guitar globe– the Requirement Strat by Squier is an excellent choice for an axe.
Very wonderful looks– It is available in several different shades, all of them with a polyurethane surface. They look amazing.
Usable– If you are a newbie, this guitar is excellent for you– it will not back you off from playing. The neck is really usable.

Cons and also Prospective Problems.

Cheap-made– Well, to be straightforward with you– there might be some far better choices around. You can buy a suitable Squier, yet you might additionally obtain a faulty one. Squier is not a very constant business. The pick-ups on the Squier Criterion Strat are far from remarkable.
The guitar is possibly useless in a studio.


If you are just starting, or your grandson is simply beginning– The Basic Stratocaster by Squier might be a great selection. Nonetheless, if you are a more skilled gamer, you will most likely be dissatisfied with this guitar. It uses good value for the money, but experts normally require a far better tone as well as efficiency.

Fender Squier Requirement Telecaster.


The Standard Telecaster by Squier is made out of Aghatis for the body, and also maple for the neck. It has a vintage vibe to it, as well as it is very playable.

There are 2 options for the fingerboard on the guitar; it can be made either of rosewood or of maple. The neck is a C-shaped one, just like those made in the sixties. It has twenty-two medium jumbo worries.

The bridge on the Squier Requirement Tele is a string-through-body 6-saddle bridge, and it has typical die-cast adjusting equipments. The pick-up on the bridge position is a common Fender single-coil, while the one at the neck position is Alnico single-coil pick-up. It has a three-way selector switch, and also Tone and also Quantity control handles.

Pros and Emphasizes.

  • Great noise– You will not get a better Tele audio for the cost of the Squier Standard Tele!
  • Rapid neck– The neck is designed after the Tele neck that was made in the sixties, it is very usable.
  • Perfect for novices– If you are a novice in the guitar globe, this Tele could be an excellent option for you, particularly if you like blues, country, and rock ‘n’ roll music.

Cons as well as Possible Defects.

You may get sharp fret ends– This is not a big imperfection, and also is rather usual for guitars at this price array. It can be quickly fixed with a little sanding by your local luthier, and it won’t cost you a great deal.


If you are a novice, and also you dig the Telecaster, the Requirement Telecaster by Squier is a fantastic selection. It is an excellent novice’s guitar– it has all that a novice would certainly need. With a few adjustments, like changing up the pick-ups, it might additionally become your gigging guitar.

Yamaha Pacifica Collection PAC112V.


The Yamaha Pacifica is famous for its small cost as well as decent top quality. They are commonly called a fantastic beginners guitar. The Yamaha PAC112V is a solid-body guitar.

Plus it’s affordable and trusted. The body of the guitar is constructed out of Alder wood, and also the bolt-on, C-shaped neck is made out of maple with rosewood fingerboard. It has twenty-two stresses.

The hardware on the guitar is quite good as well; it has a tremolo bridge, with flexible saddles as well as die-cast receivers. There are three pick-ups on the guitar, one Alnico humbucker at the bridge placement, and 2 Alnico single-coil pick-ups.

he controls are quite conventional when it concerns Strat-looking guitars, one five-way selector button, two Tone knobs, and also one Volume control knob.

Pros as well as Emphasizes.

  • Solid-body– The guitar has an excellent maintain because of the solid-body constructed out of Alder-wood.
  • Excellent equipment– The guitar stays in tune, also after using the tremolo bar. This is pretty fantastic for a low-cost guitar such as the Yamaha PAC112V.
  • Novice friendly– Budget friendly, yet decent-quality!

Cons as well as Potential Imperfections.

Bad worries– This could be a substantial drawback for some, yet this trouble is really reparable– simply take your PAC112V to your neighborhood luthier and also he will do away with that humming.

Bottom line.

The Yamaha PAC112V is a fantastic beginner’s guitar. It won’t break the bank, as well as it is of good quality. The equipment is excellent, the neck is wonderful, as well as the pick-ups sound ok. You could get a guitar with bad frets-job so this could be a disadvantage, however even if you have that problem– don’t stress, it is reparable. Nonetheless, if you are much more on the intermediate spectrum, you might locate some other Yamaha guitars better.

Dean Customized Zone.


The Dean Custom Area electric guitar is an intriguing one due to its noteworthy florescent-green color. You can also choose the florescent-pink shade.

The body of the guitar is constructed out of mahogany. The neck of the guitar is a bolt-on, and it is constructed of maple. The fingerboard is made out of maple also. It has twenty-two stresses. It has a tremolo bridge and Grover adjusting equipments.

The pick-ups on the guitar are two humbuckers, one at the bridge position, and the other at the neck set. It has three-way selector-switch, and also Tone and Quantity control handles.

Pros and also Highlights.

Budget-friendly!– Very budget-friendly!

  • Remains in tune– The Grover tuning makers, as well as the bridge, are doing their job, as they should.
  • Fast neck– The neck is constructed so you can shred on it!

Cons as well as Potential Imperfections.

It may need some adjustments right out of the box– Many proprietors reported that they had fret buzzing, as well as the guitar required arrangement right out of package.

Bottom line.

If you are trying to find a low-cost guitar, that sounds good and plays great, you could like this one! It is budget friendly, and also it is of suitable high quality. Terrific guitar for novices. Nonetheless, if you are even more of an intermediate gamer, you should be trying to find a far better guitar.

What We Recommend and also Why.

Although thewytches.com can not be totally objective when it concerns picking a guitar in a price variety, or in any other group, we try to suggest the best of the very best, and also the one that will fit most players.

This is why we advise the Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster. It will certainly fit several categories and designs of having fun. It is affordable and also sounds great. In this rate array, you’ll barely discover any far better.

However, if you do go for it. Try it prior to you buy it, folks.

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