With the very best guitars under 500 dollars, you’ll obtain clear, crisp, mellow lots, and the nylon strings are much easier on your fingertips, all without breaking your budget. Of course you’ll just get to gain these advantages if you obtain a quality classical guitar.

There was a time in the past when you had to invest thousands of dollars to obtain a great timeless guitar. However technical renovations have allowed brands to lower the price to under 500 bucks.

If you’re brand-new to classic guitars or on a limited budget plan, these reviews will certainly be your guide. For less than 500 dollars you can obtain a quality music tool below.

Best Classical Guitars Under 500

Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar with Gig Bag


Cordoba is a well valued name in the sector, so it’s no wonder the C5 is among the leading classical guitars under 500.

The C5 uses the most up to date technology for optimum audio high quality while maintaining the very same degree of workmanship of timeless Spanish guitars. The C5 is lightweight, receptive and also easy on your fingertips.

Part of the timeless Iberia line, the C5 exemplifies the classic Spanish guitar with its bone nut and saddle and also rosewood fingerboard. The C5 body is consisted of mahogany sides and back.

The soundboard is Canadian cedar top that includes the completing touch. Tuning as well as fretting are easy, and the tone is abundant as well as cozy. Add the timber mosaic rosette and also mom of pearl inlays and also you have actually got the complete bundle.

The C5 has a full size 52 mm nut but it’s lighter than various other guitars in its range. This makes it attracting new guitar players who may discover traditional classical guitars too large.

The full nylon strings and mahogany body generate the round, complete audios you ‘d desire from a classical guitar. The strings are lighter contrasted to steel so there’s better resonance and resonance.

The C5 has a supporting pattern that offers the soundboard more room to vibrate. This consequently enables much better action to string tension and also clearer audios.

The large soundboard area makes the C5 louder and more clear than various other classical guitars.

The C5 has a 2 method truss rod that lets you change the guitar neck’s relief. The truss pole is additionally light-weight so it fits to play.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Features a long lasting job bag
  • High stress Savarez Cristal Corum Strings
  • Full dimension 52 mm nut
  • Mahogany sides and also back
  • Stunning Canadian cedar top

Takamine GC5CE-NAT Acoustic Electric Classical Cutaway Guitar


Glenn Frey utilized a Takamine and it’s additionally been played by Bon Jovi and also other artists, a testament to its accuracy and also workmanship. Part of the G Collection, these are among the best classical guitars today and the GC5CE reveals us why.

The GC5CE is very receptive, with the strings generating clear, crisp tones. Best GC5CE likewise comes with an onboard TP-4T preamp system for remarkable audio and also controls.

GC5CE also comes with gain controls, a 3 band EQ and an integrated in the receiver. All of these are well incorporated so you can take full advantage of its power and flexibility.

Design smart the GC5CE has a Venetian-style exploded view for faster accessibility to worries. A closer assessment reveals it has an artificial saddle and also bone as well as a rosewood fingerboard.

The strong top developed, acoustics, as well as comfy strings, make the GC5CE-NAT an excellent choice for online performances. The glossy body surface provides it a striking look that other guitars can’t match.

The tone is exceptional and doesn’t speak up even with little adjusting. It isn’t as huge as various other classical guitars, but given that these are nylon strings the sound top quality is much better.

The guitar does not simply appear good but looks flawless as well. The guitar features an instance that’s an excellent suitable for the guitar.

A handbook consists of so new guitar players can begin immediately. You can play the GC5CE right away though some might wish to dabble with the tuning initially.

All guitars say they’re the very best however a couple of life up to the hype. I can state that GC5CE is one that truly does. For the audio top quality it’s hard to lead.

Highlighted Qualities

  • Takamine TP-4T preamp system with incorporated receiver
  • Inlaid mosaic rosette
  • Fan-braced strong spruce top
  • The most recent Takamine electronic devices system
  • Lovely mahogany body

Ibanez GA5TCE Full Sized Thinline Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar, Natural


The GA5TCE is among the very best classical guitars for the cash as it combines function as well as style. This is likewise worth considering if you have played with steel string guitars as well as want to attempt something various.

One of the important things you’ll observe with the GA5TCE is the neck is narrower contrasted to a lot of classic guitars. It’s even more like those you ‘d see on an acoustic, which’s an advantage as it means fewer adjustments needed on your component.

Ibanez is recognized for high-quality guitar building, so as you may expect the GA5TCE is well built. Its soundboard is constructed from spruce and also supplies clear warm tones.

The sides and also rear are included strong mahogany, as well as dishes out high quality, maintenance as well as consistent warmth. The guitar likewise has a Piezo pickup preinstalled so you can hook it up with an amp.

The GA5TCE has classic tuning and also gold hardware for far better sound and also activity is remarkable. If you find it expensive it’s simple to make modifications until the noise appears right.

The guitar considers 8.8 pounds so it is lighter than others on the market today. Integrate this with the narrow neck as well as it is easier to get the rhythm you desire.

This guitar is optimal if you’re finding out just how to play, but this is not just a student’s guitar as the top quality is good enough for serious having fun.

Among the most typical blunders new guitar players make is thinking you require to spend thousands of dollars to obtain a high quality guitar. That is not the case in all as the Ibanez GA5TCE has actually shown.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to discover
  • Lovely workmanship
  • 3 band EQ and also Piezo pick-up consisted of
  • Easy to tune
  • High gloss coating

La Patrie Guitar, Etude QI


Timeless guitars under 500 reviews search for particular top qualities, as well as I have to say that the Q1 fulfills those requirements. La Patrie has a number of various other guitars in this range, yet the Q1 is the best of them.

The largest-selling factor of this guitar is its soundboard. Made from strong cedar, it’s got an abundant, warm sound that’s superior to those of other guitars.

The smooth, crystal clear sounds are matched by its construction. While good enough for serious music, the Q1 is basic sufficient for newbies and intermediates.

Pluck the strings of this guitar and also you’ll listen to the difference contrasted to a regular guitar. The sound is enjoyable to the ears particularly on the bass.

Its treble strings aren’t as sharp as various other guitars but they enhance the remainder of the sound The Tusq nut as well as saddle are likewise better than what I expected.

Tusq is an artificial material that duplicates ivory, providing noise that measures up to that of real bone saddle. If you give a listen you’ll realize that it sounds far better than the ordinary guitar in this variety.

Those brand-new to classic guitar in some cases assume that you have to invest a great deal of money just to obtain a high quality item. Nonetheless that’s not real as the QI is budget friendly yet include jam-packed.

The guitar functions fine as is, yet it’s simple to connect in and get the noise you desire. Plugging it into PAs is easy and also its additionally light.

The guitar sounds wonderful out of package and the neck is well designed. The neck is a little larger yet it works in its favor.

Highlighted Qualities

  • Made from quality products
  • Clear, crisp audio
  • Made up saddle for remarkable tone
  • Tusq nut for enhanced toning
  • Cedar top is pressure evaluated

Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar


Yamaha makes a few of the most effective classic guitars on the planet as well as the C40 is the one to attempt if you are a newbie.

The C40 has Indonesian mahogany sides and also back, a spruce leading as well as a melamine coating on the back. Its 19 stresses are set on a rosewood fingerboard.

It has a basic headstock geared up with 6 chrome YTM-01 tuning devices. The bridge is regular rosewood.

Audio has superb preset action so you can use the guitar as soon as possible. This action is adjustable so you can have it simply the means you want.

The strings and also tuners are well made and offer accurate bridge intonation. You can play the guitar in different means, yet the general tone is cozy as well as mellow.

The C40 has superb tonal array as well as is much better compared to those on other guitars. For novices it’s the ideal means to learn how to play timeless guitar without spending a lot of money to do so.

The C40 fingerboard is flatter than those on various other timeless guitars. Ordinarily this would trigger some problems for those with little hands. Nonetheless in this situation it’s not an issue due to the fact that Yamaha saw to it fits to use.

An usual mistake made by new guitarists is to presume that you have to obtain the most significant, most pricey timeless guitar. In fact you need to begin with a newbies’ instrument before you can understand the other ones.

Any way you check out it, the C40 is an exceptional classical guitar. From the strings, neck, fingerboard to the building and construction, it’s obtained the attributes that beginners and also long time guitar players will such as.

Highlighted Qualities

  • Melamine gloss finish
  • Top quality strings
  • Javanese Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Indonesian sides and back
  • Built for novices

What is a Classical Guitar?

A timeless guitar is made from timber with nylon strings, whereas electric as well as guitars make use of metal strings. A regular classic guitar has 12 stresses and comparable to an acoustic instrument.

A timeless guitar has 6 strings encased in nylon. Classic guitars have reduced stress than guitars.

As a result of the low tension it is possible for a classical guitar neck to be built from timber and no steel truss pole in it. These guitars also have lighter bracing contrasted to guitars.

Although available in various styles, majority of 6 string classical guitars are 48 to 54 mm large by the nut.

Exactly how to Choose a Timeless Guitars Under 500
Picking a classic guitars doesn’t have to be tough. Here are the major factors to remember.

Size Counts

A full sized classical guitar is better, though smaller sized sizes like 3/4 or 1/2 are available if you have small hands.

A 3/4 classic guitar is tuned in the exact same fashion as a full-sized one. A 1/2 guitar nevertheless, are tuned minor 3rd or significant 2nd which’s a substantial distinction.

Nevertheless, if you’re purchasing the guitar for a kid or you’re simply starting a 1/2 guitar will certainly do and also it’s more affordable also.


Leading tier classic guitars have ebony fingerboards which is extremely consistent yet also pricey. Rosewood is a great option as it is not as expensive but does not compromise the tone. It’s for this reason why most timeless guitars have rosewood fingerboards.

One of the most expensive classic guitars have an ivory nut as well as saddle. Yet the ones in this testimonial– as well as most available– make use of a synthetic product that replicates bone.

Some nuts are also constructed from plastic which’s okay since hi there do not have any effect of the audio anyhow.

Plastic saddles produce less resonance, but that appears to the skilled artists. Nevertheless it’s no trouble to change plastic saddles.

Guitar Body

Do deny a guitar with laminated, pressed timber or plywood soundboards as the guitar will certainly sound boring. Look instead for cedar or solid spruce soundboards as they have far better tones and also more resilient.

Cedar, as well as spruce soundboards, may be extra costly, yet think of it as a great investment as well as you’ll get the very best possible noises.

Brand name

You ought to only get classical guitar from a trustworthy brand. Don’t opt for knock offs since it will cost you much more.

Things to Consider Getting Utilized or Brand-new Classical Guitars

If you’re trying to find the best made use of classical guitars, remember of the following.

Vendor Credibility

Purchase only from a trusted vendor. If you’re acquiring online, check the vendor’s reputation based upon customer fulfillment. If there’s negative or no feedback published on their site, reconsider.

Check Out the Fine Print

Know what you’re buying as well as if there are any dents, smudges or other problems. Any kind of issue with the guitar should remain in the item description.

Terms of Arrangement

Have whatever in composing so there are no misconceptions later on. Every little thing from the repayment, refund, delivery, etc needs to be specified plainly.

Things to consider acquiring utilized or new timeless guitars

When it comes to the guitar itself there are a couple of various other features you’ll wish to explore.

Purchase a timeless guitar with closely spaced grains on the soundboard. Firmly jam-packed grains show more vibration and much less vibration.

Compare guitar body thickness. The thinner the body the more pronounced high signs up will certainly be, while a thick body stresses reduced registers.

The sides and back don’t influence the sound as much as the soundboard. Strong timber is preferable however laminate will do. Actually some guitarists prefer laminate as it’s more stable.

The string action describes the span between the fretboard and also strings. High action is more difficult to play but generates extra audio. Reduced action is simpler to play yet does not provide as much buzz defense.

The string spacing requires to be equal. Wide or slim it depends on you, simply ensure the spacing is even.

There are a great deal of points you’ll need to check into, however these are the most vital and also need to not be overlooked. The more notified a buyer you are, the better the possibility you’ll get an excellent quality classic guitar.


Since thewytches have done thorough testimonials of the 5 classic guitars right here, and they’re all well designed. But for overall efficiency, audio quality and also value, the Cordoba C5 gets my nod as the best of the whole lot.

The C5 is magnificently constructed and also easy to use, precisely what novices require from a classical guitar. The tone top quality is sharp as well as clear, and worrying is easier compared to various other guitars.

The C5 is developed for newbies of course, but the fretboard, soundboard, strings, wood mosaic rosette, and various other elements approach much more expensive guitars. After taking the right into factor to consider, I need to claim the C5 is the best classic guitars under 500.

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