Electric guitars are an essential component of Rock’n’Roll – and are also used in many different musical styles. Electric guitar basically consists of 3 main parts: the head (headstock), the neck (neck) and the body (body). The main difference between electric guitars and other types of guitars lies in the body of the guitar. The electric guitar has a specially designed and closed body. Because there is no hollow body, the electric guitar is amplified by magnetic sensors (pick-ups) connected to the coil wrapped around the core (bobbin) embedded in the body. Each electric guitar can have from 1 to 3 pick-ups. On the body of the instrument also has 2 knobs to adjust the volume and timbre (tone) and hole to plug the wire (jack) to the amplifier. Compared to wooden guitars, electric strings tend to be thinner and more flexible. Electric guitars are played in pop, jazz, blue, rock, and so on, and are often used to play in bands to give a more engaging, engaging performance. In addition, the use of amps for electric guitars helps provide soft blue sounds or rock metal monster sounds. You can consult and choose to buy some guitar amply models such as THR, THRII, … Currently, there are countless eye-catching electric guitar models on the instrument market, how can you choose the right electric guitar for you?

Are you focusing on a particular style of guitar playings like rhythm or lead, or do you choose to rely on a particular genre of music like rock, indie or metal? Either way, we will bring you the discoveries in this article on how to choose electric guitars under $500 for beginners.

Before deciding to buy an electric guitar, you must clearly determine what your playing style is. Because you can’t buy Jazz Blues for Metal and Death. If you are a fan of Rock and Metal, you should choose Solid-body guitars. Or if you need warm tones, you should choose the guitar with a larger and thicker shape.

Each guitar is designed in many different styles. So when clearly determining your preferences and style of playing music will help players choose the keyboard more effectively.

– The electric guitar is designed with an intact, solid and solid body, played through the amplifier. This type is suitable for Rock’n’Roll, punk and rock metal music.

– Hollow electric guitars have hollow body designs and do not have holes like those of classical guitars. This type of guitar uses sound amplifiers and is suitable for playing jazz music with deep and deep sound.

– Semi-hollow electric guitars have a body that combines a hollow design and a hollow space on the body. This type is suitable for playing country music, rock, guitar solo … with clear sound.

The acoustic guitar accompaniment has the same structure as the classical guitar accompaniment but is connected to amplifiers. The advantage of this type is that it can not use the amplifier still play.

In addition to the different shapes and styles of music, each guitar will use different types of wood and pickup, the aesthetic sense will not be the same but you will notice that even the two guitars are identical. , with the same manufacturer, brings a markedly different playing experience. There are three main factors to consider when looking for an electric guitar: shape, sound, and price.

– In terms of price, choosing an electric guitar is probably the most difficult thing for you but we are sure that everyone wants the best guitar. Finding such instruments would cost thousands of dollars. So, if you are starting to play the guitar, you are not set up high the goal but do not let the desire for the best guitar go into oblivion. Ideally, you should choose an electric guitar under $500.

All guitarists point to a dream guitar, which they will buy immediately after winning the lottery. You too, never forget that dream guitar, and use this guitar image as a goal, to guide you beyond the early days when learning to run scales and the theory of chords. Believe that all the work you put into it pays off. And the joy of the moment when you reach the goal of buying that dream guitar to accompany your playing skills will be indescribable.

– Next, the shape of a guitar will be an important factor in the decision to buy the guitar of most players. Some people will buy because of the guitar’s distinctive style, which suits the music they like, while others will buy it simply because they are fascinated with colors like red in the sunburst color.

– Finally, the most important factor in choosing an electric guitar is the sound as it will help you achieve what you expect. In this article, we will mention the tone of a guitar – the term used by guitarists to describe the overall sound of the guitar. Some tones will suit each type of music, while others can only be achieved using a combination of gear.

Either way, the guitar tone will help you outline the idea of ​​the types of sounds you are trying to achieve as this will have an important impact on the guitar to make it right for you and help you. play the best.

In conclusion, apart from the price, you need to have an idea of ​​the shape of your favorite electric guitar, how you want your guitar sound to sound. Hopefully, the three factors we have just mentioned will help you narrow the range of choices among the vast array of electric guitars lying on shelves outside the instrument shop. If you want to own a quality electric guitar with the best price, please refer to the product here: thewytches.com

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