Electric guitars are some of the most exciting instruments to play in the world. The excitement is right there in the name: electric.

These amazing instruments are capable of rocking an entire stadium with energy and enthusiasm, while also possessing the power to swing emotions with rhythm and blues. Many people in the world want to play the electric guitar to be able to bring such beautiful power into the world.

Oftentimes electric guitars are thousands of dollars. We knew that cost was a huge issue preventing a lot of people from even considering playing the electric guitar. Thanks to a fiercely competitive market and cheaper production methods, these days having $500 in your pocket gives you a huge range of quality electric guitars to choose from – whatever your style or ambitions. If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly guitar, here are our picks of the best electric guitars under $500.


Electric guitar under $500 – Yamaha RevStar RS420 Eletcric Guitar with Gig Bag, Fire Red


Drawing inspiration from London and Tokyo’s vintage street-racing motorbikes, every detail of each Revstar model has been carefully engineered to bring out the unique personality of each guitar in the lineup. When Yamaha is feeling inspired you can guarantee a great guitar will shortly follow. The RS420 is the mid-range version, with gorgeous retro style and superior comfort.

With several cool color choices, the RS420 features a well-contoured solid nato body with a maple top and a slim 22-fret nato neck. With a fantastic Dry Switch to offer a quality single-coil tone that adds to the versatility. A great purchase for vintage rock enthusiasts.
Alnico V magnet and German silver baseplate for powerful, open tone. 3-Way Lever, Dry Switch (Tone Push-pull).

Electric guitar under $500 – Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right Handed, Butterscotch Blonde (303027550)


The Classic Vibe ’50s Telecaster, which is undoubtedly one of the best electric guitars under $500 – especially if you love a vintage style and tone. The Telecaster was born at the height of rock and roll in the 50s.

But it offers more than just classic 50s butterscotch blonde looks, with a solid pine body and maple C-shaped neck and 21 medium-jumbo frets, offering excellent playability. The body is also very retro in its style with two gorgeous paint jobs to choose from – the popular Butterscotch Blonde as well as a lighter Vintage Blonde.

Electric guitar under $500 – Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony


This Epiphone Les Paul Standard is an electric guitar that delivers all the signature sound of a Gibson Les Paul at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re plucking your first chords (this guitar is also featured in the beginner electric guitars chart) or looking for a solid, reliable guitar capable of taking on stage, Epiphone’s Les Paul Standard is hard to beat. The mahogany body provides superb resonance. The set mahogany neck with slim-tapered profile and rosewood fretboard give you the familiar feel and fast action. Neck and body binding and trapezoid inlays produce the classic look seen on stages around the world for decades.

Electric guitar under $500 – Ibanez Steve Vai JEMJRSP – Yellow


Ibanez has an address book full of artists with signature Ibanez models, although none of them are more distinctive or notable than Steve Vai’s JEM.

It is the exact same guitar as the Ibanez RG450DX, which is yet another Ibanez icon worth considering in this price range. However, there are some additions that make it an undisputed member of the JEM family.
Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body, Maple Neck, Jatoba Fingerboard, 1 Single-coil Pickup, 2 Humbucking Pickups, and Double-locking Tremolo – Yellow. While not high-end in its tone, the JEMJR offers a pretty flawless sound.

Electric guitar under $500 – Yamaha Pacifica PAC311H YNS Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Yellow Natural


With the classic Pacifica double-cutaway body shape, the 311H is made from solid alder, with a reassuringly heavy feel, although remains comfortable to hold and play. The Pacifica 311H is cut from the same cloth as the more expensive 611HFM, and on looks alone, it would be tricky to tell the two apart. The 311H comes loaded with Grover locking tuners in a six-in-line configuration. The guitar also comes with a master volume control and a three-way pickup selector switch. With two pickups that have completely different qualities, the 311H is unsurprisingly a versatile guitar with a sound that impresses. You can find a wide range of smooth tones suiting many styles, although the classic rockers and blues enthusiasts would find the greatest satisfaction. For a good price, it’s hard to fault what’s on offer.

Electric guitar under $500 – Squier by Fender Contemporary Active Stratocaster Electric Guitar – HH – Rosewood Fingerboard – Flat Black


The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has an authentic vibe and style. Player-friendly features like a slim “C-shaped maple neck give this guitar a slick, smooth feel, while the 12” fingerboard radius and jumbo frets are ideal for speed and effortless bends.

Premium styling cues include black chrome hardware and an eye-catching matching painted reverse headstock that’s sure to turn heads. While the body and build of this model are typical of many Squier Strats, it’s the hardware where it really sets itself apart. It… doesn’t sound like a Strat. This model offers a super-hot high output for heavy, crunch-saturated rock tones, and it’s perfect for metal rhythm and lead.

Electric guitar under $500 – ESP LTD EC-256FM Electric Guitar, Lemon Drop


Nicknamed the Lemon Drop for obvious reasons, the popular EC-256FM takes its place in our chart on the best electric guitars under $500 for a reason – it’s an awesome guitar. Featuring that classic Les Paul single-cutaway shape, the body of the EC-256FM is made with solid mahogany and flamed maple with the aforementioned Lemon Drop. ESP uses solid mahogany capped with a rosewood fretboard. With a 24.75” scale length, this three-piece set neck is super slim with a fast-playing U shape, while the fretboard offers 22 extra-jumbo frets for superior string bending. It really is a pleasure to play, and much lighter than you may expect. You can’t find a beautiful vintage blues tone with long sustain.

Electric guitar under $500 – Silvertone Classic 1478 BK Electric Guitar, Gloss black


Are you searching for some true ’60s nostalgia? This Silvertone Classic 1478 may be just what you are looking for, with retro style and sounds aplenty. This reissue has the familiar asymmetrical double-cutaway mahogany body, with a maple top, a modern C-shaped mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard with 20 nickel-silver frets. Upgraded hardware includes a fully adjustable chrome bridge, with an authentic Bigsby tremolo tailpiece, as well as sealed chrome vintage-style tuners. The single-coil pickups of 1478 are wound to the same specifications as the originals. The offset double-cutaway body is made of solid Mahogany with a maple top, for a deep rich tone with top-end bite.

Electric guitar under $500 – Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Electric Guitar (Black Cherry)


Schecter is synonymous with high quality at low prices. And the Omen Extreme 6 is the perfect example of this, with looks, sound, and playability at a price everyone can afford. Two Schecter Diamond Plus alnico humbuckers give a high-output sound that holds clarity when played at the loudest volumes, while the black chrome controls and string-thru bridge finish this guitar nicely. A real premium feels for a great price. Modern 6-string electric guitar in black cherry with quilted top for good looks, 24 extra-jumbo frets for speed and comfort.

Electric guitar under $500 – ESP LTD KH-202 Signature Series Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar, Black


The LTD Signature Series KH-202 Kirk Hammet. Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist for the biggest heavy metal band of all time: Metallica. The KH-202 from ESP’s more affordable branch LTD is a superb replica of the higher-end iterations of Kirk Hammett’s signature axes. With a hefty but comfortable build, this iconic ax features a black basswood body and a very thin U-shaped maple neck with 24 frets – bolted on as Hammett likes. This leads to excellent playability and great sustain.

Where to Buy Your Electric Guitar under $500?

After reading some reviews on this article, then go and test them out in the guitar store, if possible. However, unless it’s a huge store, you may not get to see everything you want. So reading in-depth reviews and watching videos is a good way to learn about and hear your potential new instrument in action.

Buying a used guitar can work out much cheaper, but it comes with some potential pitfalls. To avoid buying something that will fail as soon as you get it home make sure you try it out before parting with your cash.

Online stores like Amazon usually give you better prices. Plus they rarely run out of stock.


There are hundreds of other guitars that may suit you better. Whether you’re spending $100 or $2000 on an electric guitar, you’ll want to make an informed decision.

The guitars featured on this list are all excellent and our top choices for electric guitar under $500. Read as many reviews as you can, watch all the videos, and try out as many guitars as possible. If you want to know more information, click here: thewytches.com

Wish you find a good electric guitar under $500 for you!

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