Once upon a time, when I first started playing, I only knew some preliminary knowledge about the guitar. At that time, if there were any friends who bought the guitar, they would invite the whole group to choose an acoustic guitar together (in fact … no one knows much about the guitar so go for the winter, haha). At that time, I chose the piano with very simple criteria: it looks good, it looks good, then my friends say it is ok, but there is no analysis of wood or specifications. Now that I think about it, there are some lucky kids who choose a good acoustic guitar, some who are unlucky (like me …) choose a poor quality guitar, and the price is a bit high, How did I know if I bought it wrongly?

Now I am more knowledgeable, so every time my friends want to buy the piano, they will trust me to help me! I see a lot of people who want to play a quality guitar, but don’t know how to choose and appreciate the price, so today I will show you how to choose a good acoustic guitar at a reasonable price!

The guitar must be designed to play acoustic

It sounds obvious! But this is necessary because before buying a guitar you must orient your guitar learning path: accompaniment, fingerstyle – acoustic or classical – classical. If you are looking for best acoustic guitar, this is the right article for you! The guitar must be designed specifically to play acoustic in order to bring out the full sound and its strengths, do not choose the classic guitar with iron strings, because that will not guarantee the sound for you when learning, and easily leads to the neck of the neck!

Pay attention to the material of the instrument

There are three main types of material used for acoustic guitars:

Plywood: is wood pulp that is pressed into planks (the leaves themselves close to the shelves). Often cheap, the sound is not good and easily degraded seriously over time. If you want to choose a quality acoustic guitar then I recommend you not to choose this type.

Laminate (laminate): is wood that is treated and pressed again. Depending on the workmanship, workers will have different prices from 1 million to tens of millions also. Good sound from the beginning later can be reduced in time significantly (the climate is erratic VN should not suit very pressed wood).

It is a fact that a lot of Vietnamese people equate lumber as of poor quality. This is completely wrong. You can read this article to see that plywood has many of its highlights (as evidenced by the tens of millions of high-end Taylor lines still made of pressed wood as usual!). So if you want to choose a pressed acoustic guitar, that makes sense, trust your decision!

Piece of wood: is wood meat is used in pieces after being processed. Also depending on the skill will cost minus 1 million to a hundred million. The later the sound became better thanks to the phenomenon of sound break That is the advantage of this type of wood in Vietnam. My advice is that if you do not know how to preserve the guitar well, you should choose acoustic guitar made from wood that will suit the Vietnamese climate and the price is also very reasonable.

Correlation between timber and price

The quality of wood and craftsmanship will determine the price when you choose an acoustic guitar. There are many types of wood to make, but normally for beginners, there will be Hong Dao and Diep wood. These 2 types of wood have good sound and reasonable price of about 1 million to 2 million rather than having a very good acoustic guitar.

In addition, there will be many other types: Diep, Maple, Mahogany, Cuffs, Cam An, Melaleuca, … The price will be higher but there will be superior sound quality worth the money you spend!

Choosing a guitar for beginners is very important, the first one will determine whether you are pursuing your passion for learning, inspiration, and ability to perceive music. If you play the guitar that is too cheap, the sound will be very bad, the high action due to poor processing makes it difficult to play, difficult to adjust and makes you gradually feel depressed and lose the ability to pick up the sound. music. So be wary of cheap guitars!

So you should not be cheap ham and choose to buy a guitar so bad. Save money and afford quality and guaranteed guitar. A good acoustic guitar will make you more interested in learning it!

The level of machining

The more carefully machined the piano is, the more it is durable, and hence the price will be higher. When choosing an acoustic guitar, keep in mind the following factors to assess the level of processing the guitar carefully:

  • Smooth paint layer, negligible scratches.
  • Make sure there are no cracks in the soundboard.
  • Parts that hold the strings, tune, lock the guitar, etc. are still normal.
  • Swipe your hand to follow the side of the keyboard.
  • Anti-curved TV needed (depending on the price will have ti or not ti)
  • Action is not too high.
  • The neck is not bent.

These factors are the basics when you look at a guitar. You should remember the more carefully the processing, the higher the price. So choose a guitar with good machining worth the money you will spend offline.

Guarantee from seller and warranty

You are the one who buys the piano, so you have the right to claim your rights:

  • Providing information on wood and processing
  • Repair mode when there is a problem in the herd: being shy, bent, broken, cracked, etc.
  • Make sure they will not abandon you when it shows up (normal guitar after a period of use will stabilize)


Go buy an acoustic guitar with someone who knows about it if possible. So you do not have to worry anymore.
Do not choose an acoustic guitar too cheap. If the action is high and the sound is not good, it is strongly recommended: don’t choose it.
Ask the seller to try a song so you can hear the sound of it. If there are mixed sounds, you should ask the seller to decide.
Choose the piano that suits your learning needs. Do not use electric guitars to learn accompaniment!

Beware of the guitar being transferable. Especially the phrase “women spend carefully” offline, because, in guitar, it is not known whether men or women spend more carefully where. Must check the sound, whether the box is cracked, if it has any effect, why it is sold, etc.

Finally, try a better guitar than the one you plan to pick. Why is that? Because it will let you check the real sound you want.

Finally, wish you soon choose a quality guitar for you! Good luck. You may want to check out the best electric guitar at affordable price.

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