For many people who love the sound of the guitar, owning a guitar to satisfy this passion is a wish. So when conditions permit and the need to buy a guitar many people are confused and have to spend time before deciding to buy a guitar for themselves.

As you know, there are many types of guitars on the market today with different shapes, sizes, quality, and quite similar functions. Therefore, finding a suitable and affordable guitar is also a problem. You can find out more guitars under $ 500 here. To help you gain more experience as well as how to choose a quality guitar, according to your wishes. So choose how we learn together offline

But first, we should understand classical and acoustic guitar

The classical guitar belongs to the classical guitar line for playing classical music and instrumental music, so the sound is very smooth, deep and warm. The classical guitar uses nylon strings, classical guitar neck has a large fret, usually has 12 frets. The neck of the classic neck will cut the neck of the neck into two grooves and the classical string arm is usually a large horizontal plastic shaft.

The acoustic guitar is a type used to accompany singing, the sound is often sharp, play chords sound very well and resound.

When to choose acoustic guitar and classical guitar

This is the issue that many people are interested in and wondering when they first started learning about this instrument. To better understand we will share with you some experience with it. First, you need to consider the type of music you want to target. If you like folk music, country music, blues or metal. You should choose an acoustic guitar because it gives a stronger sound. For those who are new to playing the piano, it is difficult to play with this guitar, but as you get used to it, you will feel interesting and have new experiences.

On the contrary, if you pursue pop, folk and jazz styles, then the classical guitar is the best choice. Classic guitar is very suitable for non-vocal music, deep and deep low sound. At the same time, it can be used for accompaniment very interesting and quite good. Some classic guitar models you can find out here.

Most important is how to choose the best guitar

Choose the right size

The classical guitar is designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes. Most people don’t pay attention to this point and often don’t pay attention to this. But you know that elected a classic guitar that fits the shape and size is very important. It directly affects the performance of your playing. By guitar suitable for each age and many sizes, different designs. You must consider carefully before buying to avoid trouble later.

To have good music you have to choose the right guitar for you, you will feel relaxed and extremely happy when giving up the melodious tone of a classical guitar. If the piano is too large you are uncomfortable and cumbersome with you when playing, it has certain obstacles to play. Each player will have their own style, so buying a classical guitar is based on size and style.

Try the keyboard before you buy

You should try the guitar at the store that sells to buy, do not because you like it or for some reason that you skip the stage of playing the piano at the store. Testing the keyboard helps you feel whether the sound produced is good, bass or mellow sound according to your needs. The sound of the piano is the most important factor that influences your purchase decision. With a classic, there is no good sound but only different sound, it is important which sound you want, depending on your taste and feel.

Consult experienced people

You should consult someone with professional knowledge such as a guitar teacher or an instrument seller you trust to consult and evaluate the product. Or those who have long experience playing them give you the information to share the precious newspaper. With practical experience, they give you the most helpful tips. You can rely on that information to choose the guitar that suits you best.

Pay attention to the distance from the strings to the keyboard

The distance is too high or too low is not good and this distance is called the action. When you buy a new keyboard, the action will be too high or low, it will not suit you as well as for the best sound quality. The high action keeps the guitar from being too timid, .. or you can ask the head of the store to adjust the guitar to suit you.

The case of the highly corrected action may be caused by the keyboard being bent backward or excessive springboard. If the action is properly tuned for the sound of the sound, it usually happens in frets 1 to 5 but depending on how much the pitch is bent or not, it will affect the fretboard.

Occasionally you will encounter the case of the guitar cracked in stainless steel bars because it is not on the same flat surface. This case is easily overcome by using a file or an adjustable hammer.

You need to note that the action is too high, the finger will be heavy, difficult to press, quickly tired, easily entangled, obstructing a number of techniques such as sticking, pressing block, changing fingers, .. If the action is too low, sticking, blocking easy finger-shifting but technical obstacles such as man-made manuscripts, can even be timid in the number of strings.

Select reputable and branded locations

On the market today there are many places selling classical piano but where is really the quality sales place. So to make sure you can choose the best and most popular classic guitar or check out our best guitar classic under $ 1000.

But you should also choose and consider carefully before making a decision to choose a brand of piano products. To ensure safety and certainty, you should choose brands or locations of long-term sales and longevity. These places will assure you of high safety as well as minimize risks to you.

Should try many different lines

Each classical guitar has a string made of different nylon material, so the sound produced will also be different. One of the heartfelt advice that you need to try the many lines available in the store. This helps you feel which sounds will suit your preferences. From there you can choose the most satisfactory guitar.

Check if the keyboard has any errors?

You should try all the strings, press all the notes on the fretboard to see if there are any unpleasant sounds, are there any errors or timid sounds and the feeling of soft pressing? Sometimes you encounter guitars that suffer from transport, weather and climate problems that affect the instrument. If you are a beginner, you should go with experienced people to have enough knowledge to choose a quality guitar for you.

The material used to make the keyboard

The material will directly affect the quality of the classical guitar, it affects the sound quality and longevity of the guitar. Currently, the material considered to be the best to produce is a solid wood guitar, using this wood material sounds good, or, the guitar’s longevity is guaranteed and is less affected by the weather. You should carefully research and ask the owner before buying it.


The warranty after buying the product is very necessary but sometimes you forget. Warranty will give you more peace of mind about the product, if there are risks when using the keyboard due to manufacturer’s error, you will be refunded a similar product or refunded from the seller.

Product price

Nowadays there are many classic guitars with different prices. You absolutely can choose the product that suits your economic conditions. Not always low-cost products of poor quality, nor necessarily high-quality products are always good. You can completely refer to the best guitar classic under 1000 $.


Above is a brief introduction on how to choose a quality classic guitar drawn from personal experience, reviews of consumers and even professionals. Hopefully, through this article, those who are looking to buy a classical guitar will choose for themselves the most satisfactory product. If you are having some financial problems but still want to get the best guitar classic under $ 1000, you can find out more on

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