If you are interested in this article, then surely, you are a beginner to play the ukulele, or are in the learning stage to buy yourself a good ukulele, right?

It can be seen that recently, besides the guitar, the ukulele has also become more interested and selected than ever, especially for girls because the outstanding feature is the compactness that is easy to take with you around. everywhere and the sound is so loud and loud.

However, because you are a beginner to play the piano, with so many types of models on the market now and around do not know who to ask, the choice to buy a Ukulele for you is often based. at the seller ‘s suggestion, or simply … go there to find a nice one to buy … But if so, then you are likely to buy the wrong guitar, or at least buy it soon. Well, you didn’t find it right for you.

Below, BEST ELECTRIC GUITARS will guide you through 5 steps to choose a good ukulele and best suit your playing needs.

Determine which line is right for you

As mentioned above, Ukulele is very diverse in design and style, so before deciding to choose a guitar, at least you have to learn briefly about it to see if you really fit. What is a ukulele?

Based on the characteristics of size, Ukulele is divided into 4 main lines in order from baby to big: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. The difference in size will lead to differences in many other characteristics such as the number of keys, the sound of the instrument. The bigger the piano, the bigger the number of frets, and the bigger the sound, the warmer and warmer the sound.

In fact, only three lines Soprano, Concert and Tenor are chosen a lot, because it’s Baritone size is the largest and the gameplay is basically different from the other 3 lines so it will only be suitable for people. the pro play has played long only.

So, among the three most selected lines, once again do you need to really consider which tree should you choose? Guitar Station would like to give suggestions to beginners to avoid having to think too much about whether you should choose for yourself a Concert line. Because of that, it is at its “moderate”, moderate size, moderate sound. And maybe after you have learned how to play, you have a better understanding of Ukulele and you will have more special needs, then you can choose for yourself other lines with special characteristics. Specific points you desire!

Determining whether to buy a new ukulele price on how to practice playing?

Not only buying a ukulele but actually buying anything is really not that simple, especially when it is quite new to you, you always have to think carefully and consider a lot for yourself. To be able to choose the product that best suits your financial ability, but at the same time has good quality, commensurate with the price, then we can safely use them in the most effective way. So here, the trend of buying a ukulele for new players can be divided into 2 groups as follows:

Buy 1 cheap guitar to practice playing, then later change to 1 good quality guitar.

Many people want to buy a cheap Ukulele guitar as cheap as possible, as long as there is a guitar to play, to practice to see how far they can practice. At that time, the Ukulele with the market price of a few hundred thousand (200k-300k), the identifiable characteristics of the colorful colorful harps with many looking graphics were also very eye-catching. However, Guitar Station does not encourage you when you have the determination to learn to choose such trees because cheap guitars are often made from cheap materials so the sound can not be good, and there is the expiry date of the instrument is not long. It will be very boring when you only practice for a short time.

Exceptionally, if you buy a cheap guitar and still persist in practicing successfully, then there will certainly be times when you have to find a better quality guitar to match your level and develop more skills. At this time you will lose money to buy a cheap guitar.

Buy a good quality guitar (the price will not be cheap) right from the beginning!

These friends often have the thought that right from the beginning, they will invest in a good quality guitar, these trees have a market price of 800k to 1 million, the sound is very good and the appearance is enough to call beautiful. And those things will really make you become a lot more motivated when holding the keyboard, which will also make it easier to progress faster. This is the price Guitar Station recommends you choose to practice playing in the first place because it converges enough factors to be able to stick with you in the long run.

There are also types of keyboards with prices ranging from 400k to 700k, which can be considered to be relatively good enough to practice the initial play, not to be called good. If the budget you just stopped at this level could not exceed then you can still choose in such a price range, the most important thing is still in your efforts to practice later.

Determining the material of lute wood

Currently, the ukulele on the Vietnamese market is divided into three basic types according to the wood type:

  • Ukulele from goose wood
  • Ukulele is made from pressed wood
  • Ukulele made from plywood ( trash wood is made from pressed sawdust)

Solid Wood

It is natural wood, sawn directly from natural wood. Through the processing stages, the whole wood will be used as the front, back and side of the guitar for the ukulele. Often the line made from wood pieces cost more expensive than the other two types.

Laminate Wood

A 3-layer wood: 2 outer layers of very thin wood, glued to the core is a cheaper wood (trash wood). Laminate wood quality depends on fabrication and processing. And currently, the most popular Ukulele market is using this wood.


This type is often used for the cheap Ukulele trees mentioned above. This type is easy to identify, ordinary people can also see clearly because looking at the guitar is known that industrial wood already.

Identify Ukulele brands on the market today

The most popular on the Vietnamese market today is the genuine ukulele strings produced in China, imported and distributed by shops in Vietnam. These lines are mostly made by industrial chains so the processing is also very sharp and the sound brought is also very good, the price is reasonable, so there are many choices.

In addition, the Ukulele line of Vietnam is also popular, but the price will be marginally better because the Vietnamese herd is traditionally processed with natural wood, so the price will be quite expensive.

If you are a more advanced piano, then you probably cannot ignore names like Kala, Suzuki, Fender, Flea, Lanikai, … to own Ukulele trees of big brands, you have to prepare yourself. budget cannot be less than 1 million, if financing is not an issue for you then you should choose these trees because then you will receive very good support policies.

Other important factors

Once you’ve chosen to buy a guitar that’s right for you, it’s important to carefully check it before “picking me up”. So you have to remember to take a close look at how the guitar is outside, whether it is cracked or flipped so that you don’t have to feel insecure when you bring it home and then find out if something is wrong with it. Don’t worry, practice.

In addition, it is very important that you carefully study the most reputable and reliable addresses possible to buy Ukulele, the places where you feel confident, where you will receive. Get the most valuable support, to avoid having to buy the “pit of goods” or purchase of poor quality goods!

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