You have just bought a guitar (classical, electric, acoustic or other) and you are looking for courses specially designed for beginners? Want to learn the guitar alone and at home because you do not have a guitar teacher near you or just no time to lose in transport, looking for the best guitar lessons without leaving your home? Look no further, BEST ELECTRIC GUITARS has researched for you the best guitar lessons online from the moment. Although it is true that we still prefer that you turn to a professor in the flesh (human contact is still much fun!), It is sometimes not possible to move, or well faults compatible schedules, find a guitar teacher available near home. With new technologies, it is now possible to take guitar lessons or whenever you want, on your computer, on your tablet, and on your smartphone. Focus on leading online courses and applications for guitar learning.

CoachGuitar: learn the guitar easily

CoachGuitar is a small USA startup that climbs. With more than 500 full songs but also many famous solos, you will most certainly find more than one piece that you like. Classes are cut into small, easy-to-remember sections. You will be able to play each easy section in a slow loop and in order to train at your own pace. It is possible to choose between a right-handed or left-handed mode (if you are looking for left-handed guitar lessons, so this may be the method you need). Coach Guitar could be akin to what is sometimes called a MOOC (Open Online Training).

The power of this method lies in the quality of the courses offered, because, in fact, each course is carefully produced and detailed. This is most likely the best way to learn the guitar accompaniment. Regarding the learning of the electric guitar, CoachGuitar method offers blues classes for beginners (the blues is the basis of everything, it is almost imperative to take blues guitar lessons for beginners one day or the other …).

The CoachGuitar online guitar lessons that exist on tablet, Android smartphone and iPhone but also in website, so work on Mac, PC, Linux and any other operating system, tell you which finger to position, and where to position (This is not the case for all guitar methods, which can sometimes be a problem when the level rises). It also indicates the direction of the pick (to respect the sense of the pick is imperative to have a good rhythm). CoachGuitar also offers many courses in fingerpicking. This is probably the most complete method. The way is filmed the handle is confusing at the beginning and requires a time of adaptation (during the first sessions one has the impression of being “upside-down”).

CoachGuitar also has an “offline” mode that allows you to store courses on your mobile or tablet (this is currently the only method to offer this offline mode). The countrymen equipped with a slow ADSL connection will thus appreciate all the more this method. CoachGuitar is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and recently, for the web.

Yousician: the application that corrects you in real-time!

Yousician is an application that does not only offer the guitar but also the piano and the ukulele. But the guitar is the instrument that interests us in this article. The Yousician method uses a totally playful approach with a small bouncing ball. The ball represents the rhythm, and you will have to play on rebounds (or out of rebounds depending on the case, but at the beginning, the notes will be timed, so it will be rather simple).

The neck of the guitar is represented by a horizontal playing space that scrolls from right to left, in the manner of a video game. The notes arrive then, and you will have to anticipate their arrival on a line and place your fingers on the indicated cells. The disadvantage of the Yousician method is that sometimes we do not know which finger to place because several combinations are possible, which leaves room for errors and bad habits. The exercises are rather studied for electric guitars. This makes it very difficult to change over the levels if you use a classical guitar or an acoustic guitar with high action. It is then not possible to make the solos fast because the action of the handle is too important. Or the beginner guitarist is left with a level progression too brutal, which tends to discourage him. I admit that I was stuck with my folk guitar to the highest levels (I am a middle-level player).

Student correction in real-time

The big advantage of these guitar lessons is the real-time correction. Indeed, Yousician captures the sound of your guitar and detects if you play the right note and if you play in rhythm. It will tell you in real-time if you are late, early or perfectly in time. Then, at the end of the game, you will be given a score, which will allow you to continue or not. If you are too bad, Yousician will stop the current exercise and offer you to practice it slower or to go back.

Regarding the guitar accompaniment, it should be noted that the proposed songs are not verified, so we end up with wobbly “tablatures” that do not work. My opinion on Yousician is that the lack of real visuals with a guitarist and explanations of type “blow up, blowdown”, makes it very difficult the correct learning of rhythm with this method. For beginners, it’s a real problem. The method, however, allows us to precisely work the attack of his notes through sound detection. This is nice when you have no one nearby to correct your mistakes. Last important clarification: the Yousician app is in English.

H-Guitar: a “guided” method with personalized advice

H-Guitar is an online guitar course site. The approach is relatively similar to that offered by coach-guitar. A flesh-and-blood teacher shows you what to do. However, HGuitare offers more theoretical courses, with a real progression of difficulty progression. You are truly taken in hand from the beginning of learning.

The teachers are friendly and advise you as if you were in front of them. If you have a question, a chat window lets you ask it, and a real guitar teacher answers you. You are not alone in front of your screen. The method offers practical lessons, theory classes, riffs and complete songs (the videos of some pieces claim however that you know the name of the chords, the left hand is not always described with precision as in other methods .). The big advantage of these guitar lessons is most likely the technical exercises for each style and each type of game. This is one of the few methods to offer complete introductory courses to work bends, hammers, sweaters -offs, fingerpicking.

Known guitarists give you lessons

Some guitarists from well-known bands come to give “special” lessons, such as Matthew Caws from Nada Surf, to teach you the song “popular”. Lessons are split into small sections, however, it is not possible to buckle on a particular section, which can sometimes make learning a difficult passage relatively difficult. A mini discussion forum is present on each course, which allows you to share your experiences, or to help other members of the community, or to help you if you feel the need. The community aspect and mutual aid are, therefore, one of the strengths of H-Guitare. The courses are fully online, so you will need a fast internet connection to take advantage of this method.

Guitar Tricks: blues, country, and rock guitar lessons

GuitarTricks is simply the oldest online platform dedicated to guitar lessons. Since its launch in 1998, GuitarTricks continues to grow in content! The only downside of this method is that it is entirely in English. So, if you do not speak English or little, go your way.

From music theory and practice

Guitar Tricks offers theoretical classes as well as complete songs. With GuitarTricks you are, as with H-Guitar, facing a teacher who speaks to you and gives you tips and recommendations. If you like a guitar teacher more than anyone else, you can select it and attend all classes. This brings a sense of personalization to the application.

The Guitar Tricks website assumes that you already know the chords before learning the songs. The teacher simply tells you “play F, play C”, etc … So this is a guitar method to book for people who understand fluent American English and already know the chords, as well as their Anglo-Saxon nomenclature

JamPlay: more than 5000 videos of guitar lessons … in English

JamPlay is one of the other giants of online guitar lessons. With more than 5000 videos online, it’s simply one of the biggest online guitar lesson sites of the moment. Unfortunately, if you do not understand a single word of Shakespeare’s tongue, you may be quickly lost.

Some courses, especially in style studies are very theoretical and explained by a teacher who speaks to you, it is sometimes difficult to follow the thread of explanations. As for the courses “step by step”, cameras are placed on the right hand and the left hand of the guitarist, but you will still know the name of the chords or know how to read a tablature if you want to hope to follow. .. JamPlay, however, has a major advantage: live classes every day! Provided they are set to their time zone (American). With 8 hours of daily life, you will be able to ask your questions to teachers and get precise answers (if you speak English obviously).

iMusic-School: guitar lessons to work the technique

music school is a multi-instrument online music school. It has 2 sections dedicated to the guitar, one acoustic, understand folk and classical, and the other on the electric guitar. Classes are offered by qualified teachers as well as well-known and recognized artists (there is even Maxime le Forestier and Kezia Jones, just that!). Each type, of course, is available in 2 levels, beginner and advanced to advanced. The big advantage of these guitar lessons on the internet is that they are specialized in a specific style. So you can perfect flamenco, jazz, RnB, or blues, blue funk, and swing! the music school offers several full tracks for the accompanying guitar, but it’s not the school’s mission, who seems to have chosen the path of technical perfection. Which places it alone in this sector. A very good idea, therefore, but that may not be for you if you just want to make the guitar “campfire” and chat with your friends. Regarding the electric guitar, a complete course is dedicated to the choice of material. You can work rock, fusion, urban soul and of course the funk! Improvisation classes are also available. Many playbacks are available for each class so you can train and, most importantly, make yourself Regarding the electric guitar, a complete course is dedicated to the choice of material. You can work rock, fusion, urban soul and of course the funk! Improvisation classes are also available. Many playbacks are available for each class so you can train and, most importantly, make yourself Regarding the electric guitar, a complete course is dedicated to the choice of material. You can work rock, fusion, urban soul and of course the funk! Improvisation classes are also available. Many playbacks are available for each class so you can train and, most importantly, make yourself Learn the guitar online by having fun!

My Music Teacher: live guitar lessons

My Music Teacher is a mobile application, but also a website. The method is inspired more than greatly by Yousician (unless it is the opposite, we do not really know who copied who …). The representation is identical, with a small bouncing ball, as well as the automatic detection of the notes played. However, before each class, a real-life teacher presents the class with an explanation in French (vocal explanation), as well as a visual accompaniment of the tablature under the teacher’s visual. You are not released in the void, as with Yousician who puts you in the heart of the subject without much preamble. The fingers of the left hand are represented by a gradient of blue, which sometimes makes reading difficult. We would have preferred a more sliced ​​choice (red/green/blue/yellow for example). Every week live classes are available, with a forum where students can ask questions to teachers. We appreciate the dimension human brought to this application “made in France”. The application is fully in French, it is easy to understand and take control. A very fast internet connection is required to use My Music Teacher (recommended cable or fiber). it is easy to understand and to handle. A very fast internet connection is required to use My Music Teacher (recommended cable or fiber). it is easy to understand and to handle. A very fast internet connection is required to use My Music Teacher (recommended cable or fiber).

Fender Play

Fender, the famous guitar manufacturer with his historic models having toured the world, is also invited into your smartphone. With “Fender Play”, its application dedicated to the digital learning of the guitar, the American firm offers a complete teaching tool for all those who start guitar or ukulele.

The goal of this app is to efficiently provide all methods and techniques of the guitar to quickly master the songs of your favorite artists and in a wide variety of genres (pop, rock, blues, folk, country, etc. .). For this Fender put on high-quality video courses where you can observe, among other things and from multiple angles, the placement of fingers on the neck to reproduce riffs and chords. Each title is accompanied by a tablature, chord diagrams corresponding to it and a glossary that will allow you to quickly understand the techniques included in the piece. Some “skills”, or skill, to play a song are affordable in less than 2 minutes thanks to Fender Play. Fender Play is, for the moment, only available in English.

The subscription is $ 9.99 / month, but you can first test the application for free for 30 days to see if it meets your expectations (however, you must enter your credit card number, so remember to cut the subscription if you want to terminate!). The database contains many songs for all tastes and is expanding from week to week. Fender Play is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) as on Android.

Rocksmith: a video game to learn the electric guitar

Rocksmith is an application, and even more specifically a video game, which offers you to learn how to play the electric guitar. This is probably (to our knowledge and the date of this article), the first video game for Xbox and Playstation that was able to detect the notes played on an electric guitar. This feat was made possible thanks to a special cable that goes from the guitar to the console, or to the computer, via USB port. That’s why Rocksmith does not work for classical and acoustic guitars (unless you have an electro-acoustic guitar). However, the courses are totally oriented electric guitar.

The principle of the game is simple. You are facing a road represented by the 6 strings, and “notes” represented by colored dots with numbers, arrive at full speed towards you. You have to put your fingers on the right notes and play the strings as the dots cross the line. For video game enthusiasts, Rocksmith is a sort of “dance revolution” for the fingers. It does not offer a theoretical course, nor the possibility of looping and zooming on the fingers of a teacher. Rocksmith is above all an arcade game, which will undoubtedly work on your dexterity on the electric guitar! Rocksmith does not give classes for the accompanying guitar. It will therefore rather advise soloists.

UberChord: detection of your chords

UberChord is a mobile application (iPhone only) that is able to detect chords played. It is, therefore, able to correct you, or rather to alert you, in case of an error on a position of fingers.

UberChord offers chord linking exercises, which allows you to work your game fluidity and especially to be certain that you position your fingers well so that the agreement sounds good (yes yes we all have a tendency to make bars a little dirty at first, it will not happen with UberChord!).

UberChord is also able to detect your right-hand game and therefore know in which direction you scratched the strings. The application then tells you if you play correctly or not (some sense of picks to be respected to play well in rhythm).

iReal Pro: create chord loops

iReal Pro is not strictly speaking a guitar learning software, however, it is extremely useful for creating chord charts, and practicing playing them. The speed is fully configurable. It is, therefore, a “metronome/chord grid” that allows you either to practice replaying the same chords (the software shows you the tablature) or to play solos on the scales that you have set. In addition, many songs are available through the forum of iRealPro, just click on the links in the forum and the pieces magically appear in your interface (a tablature is very light, it is just very often a large line of encoded text, which is very low bandwidth). iReal Pro is one of the few programs to offer bossa nova or samba backing tracks as well as other rarer styles. If you have a little atypical taste, it is most likely to this software that you will have to turn to revise your songs.

Ultimate Guitar: the tablatures gold mine

The ultimate guitar is originally a website that lists tabs. These tablatures are put online by users and are therefore not verified. So we find a little everything and anything. In the hundreds of thousands of tabs on offer, there are of course many nuggets, but you have to look for long hours. Recently, an iPhone application and Android (paid), allows you to search and replay tabs from your smartphone. Ultimate Guitar does not offer a course as such, it is more of a giant resource where to find the chords of the songs you want to play. It is, therefore, inadvisable for the great beginner in guitar.

YouTube: must-have

YouTube is full of videos, the disadvantage is that they are not necessarily in French. So you will need to speak English or the language used in the video and find the right course … What makes a lot of “if” … and long hours lost to search in vain for a complete course, easy and understandable! There are of course unavoidable Youtube channels, such as those of Justin Guitar (in English) and Cifra Club (in Portuguese), with real detailed lessons. By cons, no option of slow motion, no loop and even less forum where you would be personally advised …

Learn the guitar and the hurt of fingers!

Learning the guitar hurts your fingers, and it’s a real beginner’s problem. What your teachers do not tell you (because in fact, they do not know it) is that there are solutions to reduce the sore fingers! Silk and steel strings for acoustic guitar: drawbar reduction, more flexible materials. It is La Bella and her strings with Italian silk that holds the winners of the beginner acoustic string. The famous “silk and steel” strings are incredibly less painful to the fingers than “normal” strings. In addition, they facilitate the bars. They are slightly less powerful than strings in phosphor bronze, but they have the merit of facilitating the learning of the instrument. Small flat, they lose faster in accuracy than strings ” Reducing the pull on classical and electric guitars also greatly reduces the pain! Indeed, a stronger pulling gives more power but requires a much stronger pressure, which can be very very painful to the fingers! Reducing the pull on classical and electric guitars also greatly reduces the pain! Indeed, a stronger pulling gives more power but requires a much stronger pressure, which can be very very painful to the fingers!

Avoid sheathed ropes!

What few beginner guitarists know is that the sheathed strings are designed to last longer, yes (the Elixir strings, with a Goretex sheath, for example). This sheathing is very painful on fragile hands! If you are a beginner, we strongly discourage you from taking this type of string game. If you want to buy a long-lasting strings game, choose a brand like Cleartone or BlackSmith that uses an imperceptible molecular treatment under the fingers. While the noise of displacement will be greater, but the pain will be reduced, and then, a finger on a guitar string, it’s also very pretty and that’s what makes the charm of this instrument!

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