Have you tired of your good old classical guitar and want to take it to the next level?

For you, no question of ukulele, folk guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, gypsy guitar or dry guitar …

The electric guitar is made for you, you feel it!

Accompanied by an amplifier worthy of the name, you can imitate your biggest idols (Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana …) in your apartment or on stage to be among the best guitarists.

But before you can proudly display this status of rocker, the stage of buying the guitar is essential.

Often imagined as expensive and inaccessible, the electric guitar is a very good investment that can be less expensive than you might think. Many solutions exist to acquire such a marvel at very advantageous prices.

Empty granaries, online store, … Choosing and buying a guitar is a real quest! Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, rather Gibson or Fender, you will find your new best friend!

All you have to do is buy a few sheet music or tablatures, and you will not belong in playing your best songs.

The average price of an electric guitar

The practice of an instrument like the guitar is relatively affordable. It is not necessary to put all his fortune to obtain a quality instrument that will fully meet your needs.

Electric guitars are no exception to the rule.

On the Internet, whether it is the site of Fnac or Wonderbrass, it is possible to acquire a guitar for about 130 $ . This price also includes the essential accessories for the use of the electric guitar as:

  • example,
  • jack cables
  • or the picks.
  • Prices that you will also find in stores.

However, these guitars are usually not branded and can deteriorate very quickly. To obtain a guitar that lasts in time, it will rather aim for the 230 $

And even if the first prizes often offer a guitar pack with accessories to accompany the instrument, this is not the case for all offers.

You will need to acquire an amplifier or you will have to play without sound. Bad idea when you want to become a rock star.

The price of an amplifier is as wide as that of electric guitars. You can find amps at 50 € as 800 €. Here too, the price will depend on what you are looking for. Some amps are more suited to the stage while others will be ample for your personal studio. It is however recommended not to go below 80 € for this kind of accessories.

But choosing a guitar is also thinking about its protection and comfort. Do not forget the carrying case, strap and support. What to become a real musician!

Used, it will be easier to lower the cost and start your guitar lessons.

You can then find electric guitars between 50 and 150 $. Watch for ads and watch the brands that sell. You can look at the reviews on the internet to get an idea if you are not an expert on the subject.

Why choose an electric guitar?

There is no age to enjoy the electric guitar! And to acquire one is not a waste of money

I personally own 3 different guitars and many people wonder why have so many instruments for the same practice?

What can an electric guitar bring you more than the one you already have?

Each guitar is made for different styles. While after the purchase of a classical guitar, you can take the biggest tubes of Brassens, it becomes more complicated when it comes to reproducing the best pieces of rock or metal bands.

Same story (or should I say “pitch”) for the acoustic guitars that are often ideal for folk.

Although it is quite possible to replay the pieces of Nirvana on nylon strings …

But learning the electric guitar when you’re a beginner is not easy every day. You will need to help you with instruments like the metronome to understand the rhythm and play your favorite music styles.

However, the effects that amplification can give you are quickly stimulating, and you will need other accessories quickly to create new effects. Capo, pedals, have fun.

Your brand new electric guitar will also make you progress. We do not play the same way on an electric guitar as on a classical or folk. Special techniques are used to use his hand differently and to give other rhythms.

Want to start a band?

The electric guitar is still one of the best instruments for a rock band. And even for other styles. Because we must not believe that this instrument is reserved for fans of Hellfest, the big metal festival!

The blues and pop also use electric guitar sounds to create their pieces.

A sound that brings a touch of modernity to these different styles.

And since you will already be equipped with an amplifier, it will be easy to perform on a stage.

We already reserve the date!

What price for what use?

The price of your guitar will depend on your usage.

If your career is all drawn and the world of professional music opens the doors, then it will invest … And when we talk about investment, we can quickly touch 1500 $.

Because with the electronics of these guitars, the price goes up quickly.

However, for this kind of guitar, there is nothing wrong. You can be sure that your acquisition will take years and that you can leave it as a treasure to your children and grandchildren. Indeed the finishes are perfect (frottage, violin, …) and the flawless wood (cedar, maple, spruce, mahogany, …).

On the other hand, no need to put so much when you start on the electric guitar. You can very well find guitars that suit you without asking a credit to your bank. Then I watch the guitars between 150 $ and 300 $.

These will be enough for your first guitar lessons and the range is important enough to leave you the choice.

Since it’s so important that you like your guitar, design plays a big role.

Between one:

  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard a little vintage,
  • a Squier Series Stratocaster, classic, but not expensive ( how to find a cheap guitar for that matter …?)
  • and a Dean ML X for a star look …
  • It will be up to you!

If you wish, you can later see bigger by selling your guitar to buy you another better suited to your level of an intermediary.

But be careful with your first guitar. Take great care of them because these instruments rarely lose their value when it comes to reselling them. But only if it stays in very good condition.

Pay particular attention to the violin parts such as the bridge, the neck, the soundboard or the mechanical.

All these parts are important to keep an ideal sound when you start the guitar lessons ( guitar lessons Bourges ).

Buy a guitar first hand

Are you still hesitating between buying your used guitar or going to a music store to buy a new one?

Know that whatever your decision, the important thing is to find the guitar that suits you.

It does not matter if it is a Fender, Ibanez or Gibson, the essential is that it is adapted to your level ( beginners guitar court ) and to your tastes.

However, it is also true that the state of the guitar is very important so that it retains the original sound. It will then be easier to get a guitar in good condition in store than on LeBonCoin. Although many homeowners take great care of their equipment, you can never be sure.

Buying a guitar in-store will allow you to try it before you buy it. Department stores usually have amps available to customers. Spend a few minutes trying the guitars that make you dream and wait for the crush.

The Internet is also a way to acquire your new guitar. Only, it will be difficult for you to follow the condition of the package to your home. Moreover, you can not try the guitar before receiving it.

Moreover, after this purchase, you will probably need to replace the strings at a time. But what is the price for new guitar strings ?

Second-hand instrument: a way to lower prices?

You do not necessarily have the means to buy a new guitar? Yet, it’s been months that you eye on the Telecaster of your favorite music store.

You can then buy your used dream guitar!

More and more people are using second-hand objects sold between individuals. We also find everything, whether it is clothing, high-tech objects or musical instruments.

You will be able to find the rare pearl by strolling on the empty granaries or by exploring sites such as LeBonCoin.fr. By this means, you can move to the seller’s home and see for yourself the state of the guitar. The prices can be halved. What to think about it …

In Cannes, BEST ELECTRIC GUITARS was born to help people. If you do not know which guitar to buy, just contact enthusiasts to find your answer.

And thanks to this craze of the used market, several chains of stores opened to gather all these objects in the same space. Go and have a look at Cash Express or Easy Cash!

In each of these stores, a music pole has been set up, where many guitars are put on sale.

Their condition is checked before being exposed and you will always have the opportunity to seek the advice of one of the sellers.

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