The choice of electric string instruments is never easy that one is advised or amateur. To choose the best electric guitar it is obvious to ask about the selection criteria relating to each of the elements that constitute the instrument. Certainly, a level of connoisseur is required to the one who aspires to make the best choice.

In any case, nothing is impossible for the person who is armed with the right information. Moreover, the purpose of this comparative guide is to guide at best the future purchaser of the best-evaluated guitar on the market. This guide is not only for those who are worried about the value of money or who are looking for their first instrument.

Either, whatever your buying goals, rely on these few lines to discover the best choices.

What is the best electric guitar?

The instrument best suited to your intended use is surely the most suitable. Your choice should then be oriented towards this vision. Do not dwell on the brand and do not limit your budget if you want to buy a good quality instrument. The goal of your quest is to find a guitar that can really match your deepest aspirations.

In any case, some basic selection criteria should always be considered before making a purchase. Also, getting acquainted with the best-placed proposals in the trade remains one of the best buying filters. So if you are looking for the best deal for women, men, children, left-handed, etc. this shopping guide will be very useful.

Besides, in terms of electric guitars, the best ones are those that allow seamless playability. Rest assured, all of these criteria are condensed in this buying guide.

Below, we present the best Electric Guitars:

Ibanez GRX70QA Electric Guitar


This Ibanez electric guitar weighs 3.6 kg. It has 6 nickel strings. His bridge is of synchronized type and the configuration of his microphone is HSH. The body of the guitar is wood, which gives it a very fluid resonance. In addition, his keys are rosewood and his maple neck.

The guitar has an infinity R (H) microphone on its neck, an RS (S) infinity center pickup and an infinity R (H) bridge pickup. It also has a tremolo bridge FAT-6 chrome hardware.

This guitar will be well suited to lovers of heavy music such as thrash metal or heavy metal. Anyway, she can adapt to all ranges of musicians.

This electric guitar model from Ibanez benefits from an elegant and refined design. Moreover, it is a model known for its excellent sound reproduction.

RockJam Electric Guitar RJEG02-SK-BK


The weight of this RockJam electric guitar is 3.5 kg, and this, for 99 cm long, 6 cm thick and 31 cm high. This guitar has of course 6 strings. In addition, it comes with a 10-watt amplifier.

This guitar includes 3 single coils which allow it to be adopted by almost all musicians. Indeed, she is not predisposed to be played for a particular variety of music. It is especially recommended if you are a beginner to the guitar. Obviously, its design and the thickness of its handle are well suited to neophytes.

The RockJam electric guitar is first favored by its excellent value for money. In addition, it is offered with 6 spare strings, a strap, picks and a whammy bar. In addition, it is offered with a textile transport bag that is dustproof and moisture-proof.


Fender Telecaster, the reference for electric guitars offers a classic sunburst format that is 5.9 kg. The neck of the instrument is made of maple and enjoys a satin finish with a wide C-neck profile. This Fender is set with 22 jumbo frets and dot inlays in period. It also has a micro switch 3 positions.

This Fender Telecaster is recommended for jazz fans and those who want to play metal in finesse.

This product is of high quality.

4.Gibson Les Paul Less Plus Electric Guitar 2015


Gibson’s Les Paul style is a classic with its mahogany color scheme. This Gibson LP Less Plus 2015 has 22 frets and a radius of 12 ”. It also has a Tune-o-Matic bridge, a G-Force robotic tuning, and rosewood fingerboard. In addition, it comes with a case and a charger for the G-force system.

Guitarists’ fans of classical rhythm will find happiness in this LP Less Plus 2015.

The Gibson LP Less Plus 2015 that is advantaged by a certificate of origin conferring its authenticity.

5.Vintage Electric Guitar LTD EC-1000VB


This LTD is 106.7 cm long, 10.2 cm wide and 45.7 cm high for 7 kg. It has a 3-way toggle switch, two EMG pickups (81 and 60), a mechanical oil bath, binding on the whole.

Whatever your favorite category, this LTD can accompany you both in your rehearsals and on stage. Thanks to its compatibility with the distortion pedal and other effects, it remains versatile.

LTD is favored by its thin and easy-to-handle metal cords.

Dean Guitars RZR DB F CBK Metal Guitar


This Dean Guitars V-shaped base is offered with microphones DMT Design Humbuckers. It also features a Floyd Rose Special vibrato arm and a Grover Tuner. The weight of this Dean Guitars is 7 kg. The nut width of this model is 1-11 / 16 “.

If you are looking for a solid and high-quality instrument, opt for this proposal from Dean Guitars which is totally made of rosewood.

Delivered with a soft cover, this product is favored by its ease of transport.

Ibanez RG350dxz Electric Guitar


This white Ibanez is made with a tile body. It has 3 wizard ii pieces, a rosewood fingerboard and weighs 4.95kg. In addition, it has 24 boxes, a jumbo freight, and shark tooth incrustations.

This model is particularly recommended for lovers of blues and hard rock. It is also recommended for those who want to better control their sustain as those who intend to improve their performance in the most violent riffs.

This product is favored by its meticulous violin and impeccable finish.

The operation of an electric guitar

The sensor disposed on the body of an electric guitar functions as a magnetic field. best-guitar-electrical addition, the electric guitar cord generates a current since it is pinched and therefore emits vibrations. A preamp circuit will receive this current and then transmit it to the amplifier.

At this point, the signal will be amplified and modified by the different effects and tone controls. Following these changes, the signal is sent to the loudspeaker and the latter will convert it into sound waves. It should be remembered that the effects pedal, the action height, and many other factors play a big role in the final sound reproduction.

How To Choose Best Electric Guitars

The electric guitar is at the base consisting of a handle, a box, ropes, mechanics, buttons settings and electronic components. To better understand the instrument, it is necessary to take a closer look at the details of its constitution.

Cash styles

Generally, electric guitars are offered with a solid, semi-hollow or hollow body. Certainly, each style of cash will match a style of play.Solid case

Solid case

The solid body is very common in good electric guitars. It stands out by its ability to offer a wide range of frequencies and its good resistance to feedback effects. These models are particularly used by alternative rock guitarists. Be that as it may, the strong fund will make the best choice for hesitant buyers.

Hollow box

The hollow box is designed for jazz players, blues players, and classic rock fans. Unboxed electric guitar models are similar to dry guitars. As a result, they are more sensitive to feedback effects. However, they are easier to fix on the wall for non-bulky and secure storage.

Semi-hollow box

As for the semi-hollow body, it is crossed by a block of wood in its center. It is therefore half hollowed out. The guitars that have this cutaway are versatile. They adapt to all guitarists and all ranges of songs. Indeed, they allow exercising good sustains while offering a sweet and pleasant melody.

The sensor

The pickups always make the difference between the different models of amplifiable string instruments. With electric guitars, it will be a question of choosing between a model with single or double coil windings.

The single coils are able to produce a clean and very percussive sound. Only they are buzzing too often. With a double coil, we get against the powerful sound that is not subject to buzzing noises.

In any case, a simple winding is well suited to a guitarist who already has mastery of the art.

Body shape

Before buying your instrument, you must find out about the good shape. For left-handed people, for example, you should buy a left-handed electric guitar. If you plan to take one for a child, you will have to choose one with a size ¾. If the purchase is made for a woman, it will take a model to handle finer.

Anyway, the shape of the instrument does not influence its sound. Only, it can affect the guitarist at the ergonomic level.

Wooden models

Electric guitars are often made of basswood, poplar, alder, pine, mahogany, rosewood, pine and other types of wood. Always be sure to take a wood guitar that resists moisture. To better protect the wood of your instrument, provide it with a hard case.


Different kinds of wood are used in the manufacture of the sleeve. Also, the configuration of the latter influences the guitarist’s game. If form C remains versatile and classic, that in U or V is recommended for the fastest scrapers.

If you plan to play in a noisy environment, choose a sleeve that is compatible with a clipper tuner. Like that, no matter the emission and the volume of the different instruments, you will always have the possibility of well tuning your instrument.


If you are looking for a suitable and versatile guitar, opt for a model with 22 frets. If, on the other hand, you play metal in particular, opt for the 24 frets model.


The fixed bridge or tremolo bridge is the simplest and most accessible. Indeed, with this type of bridge, you will be able to test all possible and probable effects. It’s also the best for good solos.

Pre-purchase checks

Before making your purchase, you must verify that the body of the guitar contains chrome buttons, a good neck plate, an XLR cable entry. Your choice should also be compatible with a good replacement nut. Besides, the possibility of digital tuner will greatly benefit you.

The desired sound determines the choice

For fans of powerful and complete sounds, semi-hollow models that have a double coil are recommended. Concerning fans of folk and oldies, they will find better their happiness in models with a hollow, thin and single coil.

The expected budget

To choose a good guitar model, you must allocate a sum that will not frustrate you. Whether you intend to take a single guitar or a model with beginners kit in all that is sound modification, be generous! Make sure to allocate a sizeable budget when you buy, because these guitars are always expensive because of their delicate design.

Also, if you opt for a cheap model, you will risk a big disappointment. So, do not hesitate to put money aside for your guitar buying projects!

Consider your level

What kind of guitarist are you? Do you get started in the riffs or are you experienced? If you are new to the game, choose a model with handle and strings that are easy to master. If not, you can extend your choices according to your real desires.

Also, if you are a real beginner, opt for a model that can fit smoothly into a soft case. These models will allow you to carry more easily your instrument during your lessons.

Guitar and amp

The best thing to do is always to choose a guitar aesthetically compatible with an amp. Above all, choose your amp and your guitar in the same price range if you want to enjoy a better sound.

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