Acoustic guitars under 500 are among the most popular musical instruments ever – here you will find out which are the most wanted models.

Whether practicing at home, as a musical accompaniment for evenings on the beach or at the campfire or as an instrumental accompaniment on stage: Acoustic guitars are used everywhere where music sweetens our everyday life.

Here we present you the top ten of the most popular models – the comparison portal evaluated which acoustic guitars were searched for very often.

The Most Popular Acoustic Guitars

 # 10 Ibanez 6 String Classical Guitar, Right, Natural

This western guitar is a real eye-catcher thanks to the mahogany body and neck in Vintage Brown Sunburst. The Semi-acoustic model features an “Ibanez AP2” magnetic pickup and. The slim body sounds rather thin but is therefore also ideal for quiet practice in a rental apartment.


#9 Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

With the Yamaha C40, you get a reliable, rugged and affordable concert guitar for beginners. The natural glossy look is classic and unassailable, in addition, the handy model can also play well by younger musicians.


#8 Ibanez 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez Western Guitars are fun for beginners and amateur and advanced players alike: they come with AEQ2T electronics and built-in tuner. With the help of the jack plug, the model can also be played on the amplifier.


#7 Epiphone FT-100 Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone FT-100 Acoustic Guitar, a western guitar with pickup, is priced a little above the typical beginner guitars – but buyers get not only a very nice (decorated pickguard with original Hummingbird artwork), but also a lightweight and very clean model.


Yamaha Fd01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Fd01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar gives beginners a balanced sound with well-defined highs and solid bass – for a very affordable price. The top is made of spruce, the back and sides are made of meranti, the rosewood fretboard has 21 frets that are neatly finished.


Yamaha GL1

Place five of the most wanted guitars is the Yamaha GL1, a handy Guitalele, which is more practical to travel than a full-blown acoustic model, as it can be carried as hand luggage. It sounds similar to a ukulele and can be played like classical guitars with six strings. The  mood here is ADGCEA.


Martin Guitars LX1 E

The acoustic guitars by Martin Guitars enjoy a good reputation among musicians, but cost a little more than a typical model of Yamaha or Ibanez. The LX1 E is a handy western guitar with Fishman Sonitone pickup. Although the “Little Martin” is compact, this hardly affects the sound quality. The processing is – as usual for Martin Guitars – almost impeccable.


Ibanez PNB14E – Open Pore Natural

In third place in the ranking of the most wanted acoustic guitars lands again the Ibanez PNB14E – this time without the addition VBS, which stands for the style “Vintage Brown Sunburst”. Users have probably also searched for offers for the nature variant, which is now not so easily available.


Epiphone FT-100 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

The jumbo western guitar with pickup from the manufacturer Epiphone may also not be quite cheap, but it can also shine with a very nice look in Vintage Sunburst and with gold-plated hardware. Also for players with smaller hands it is well suited. In addition, the model can convince in terms of bundle purity and processing.


Classical Acoustic Guitar full size

However, the most wanted acoustic guitar in the net , which we have already presented in the Natural Gloss version above. Thanks to the solid workmanship, good sound characteristics and the low price, it offers the optimum price-performance ratio, especially for guitar beginners. If you need the classical guitar with pickup, you will be very satisfied.


Find The Right Acoustic Guitar – Useful Tips To Buy

When it comes to acoustic guitars, it depends primarily on your own needs and preferences – think in advance, whether you want to decide on a concert or western guitar and whether you need a pickup (for example, for live performances with amplifier). For each guitar, attention should be paid not only to the sound quality but also to the workmanship. For a good feel it is important that the frets are deburred and have a uniform height. In order to achieve good vibration characteristics, a solid wood ceiling is important. Since beginners often do not have a good sense for the right sound of a guitar, it can help to read through some reviews on the product before buying. In any case, our list of the most wanted acoustic guitars already gives you a good indication.

Buy cheap guitars

For years, guitars are one of the most popular instruments ever. Whether acoustic or electric, whether quiet or loud, as a solo or accompanying instrument, whether at home or on stage – the guitar is versatile like no other instrument.

Also in terms of musical taste, there is probably no style that can not be implemented musically on the guitar. Of course, the range of suitable guitars in every price range is correspondingly large.

Basically, a distinction between concert, Western and electric guitars. The classical guitar with its soft nylon strings has the advantage that the fingers do not hurt as much when pressing down the strings at the beginning, as with the steel strings of a western guitar. In addition, the fingerboards are wider, so the gripping at the beginning is easier and you do not run so much risk to unintentionally dampen the freely vibrating strings with the fingers of the gripping hand. The classical guitar has a soft tone, is very light and can be played very pleasant, especially for beginners. 

For most, it is, therefore, advisable to start with a classical guitar. However, that is certainly not true for everyone. Because what good is it, if you want nothing more than to play blues or folk songs with a western guitar or to make rock music or metal on the electric guitar? To practice frustrated for years on a guitar that you really did not want – it can be over with the motivation quickly, the practice is not fun and that was it then only with the dream of making music.

That’s why you should, first of all, ask yourself what kind of music you want to do. And do not worry: The fingers get used to the steel strings of a western guitar after a short time. And with the extremely low string position of an electric guitar, this problem does not occur anyway. So if you know what kind of music is fun in the long run, you also know very quickly what kind of guitar you want.

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