Buying a child guitar can be problematic if you’re not a guitarist because you’re obviously not able to know what you’re looking for in the guitar and want to acquire. This incapacity makes you a target for sellers, or you choose at least one instrument that is not appropriate for your child’s needs. You are looking for a guitar for your child but you do not know which guitar to choose? To help you in your search and choice, you will find all the information you need to make the best decision. In addition, you find full information on other questions:

Is a guitar the right musical instrument for my child?

There are not so many child-friendly musical instruments. For this reason, a guitar is probably a good choice for a child because there are instruments specifically designed for children. Compared to other instruments a small guitar of good quality is cheaper and the child can bring it everywhere without problems. But finally, it is you who can answer the question the best if a guitar is a right instrument for my child but this instrument has many advantages for children.

What sizes for children?






The right size of the guitar for your son or daughter depends on their age and size. There is a wide variety of children’s guitars depending on the size. It is not only the crate that is smaller but also the handle is reduced in its languor and width. Check out the chart with all guitar sizes to finish

Do not make the mistake of buying a guitar too big. This may prevent the child from being able to hold the instrument well and play and learning is much more difficult. If your child is too young or not mature enough, buying a toy guitar is the best choice.

What kind of guitar?

There are a lot of types of guitars but all in all, there are just a few that are dedicated to children. This is mostly the classical guitar which is the most sold version. In addition, the folk version, also often called dry guitar, and the electric guitar can be an option as well. Not a guitar but a good alternative would also be a ukulele for children.

The classical guitar is the best-selling model for beginners because it comes with nylon strings. As a beginner, you do not have much strength in your fingers to press the ropes for a long time. Nylon strings do less harm to the fingertips and they have less tension. As this guitar is the first choice for children, there is a lot of styles in every size and for every budget.

A folk guitar, on the other hand, has steel ropes. If you play the first time on a folk guitar, you will feel that it is impossible to play with because the strings really hurt. You have to get used to it little by little and it is not something for a young beginner. Most young beginners are very quickly frustrated with folk guitars. This is only a good choice for children who are already playing the guitar and looking for a new instrument because the other has become too small for example.

An electric guitar also comes with steel strings and but the tension of strings is much lower. There are some teachers who do not see any problem for a child to start on an electric guitar. But on the other hand, there are teachers who are convinced that one must start learning the guitar on an acoustic guitar. In my opinion, a classical guitar is always the best choice, unless the child is so motivated and obsessed with an electric guitar. In this case, it’s worth choosing an electric one.

Travel guitars should not be confused with children’s guitars. A travel guitar is also much smaller than a normal guitar but its handle is suitable for adult hands. Nevertheless, this little guitar can be an option for older children who want to take their guitar, especially on vacation.

If your child is still too young and not mature enough to start playing the guitar, buy a toy guitar instead. There are even toy guitars for babies.

How To Choose Kid Acoustic Guitar ?

One can learn to play the guitar on an instrument with a bad sound but at least it is easy and enjoyable to play. Still, an instrument that is difficult to play but with a very good sound will cause problems on the path of the novice player. The ideal is to buy an entry-level instrument with a good sound and is easy to play.

One can even wonder how to recognize a bad guitar among the existing models because there are enough guitars of poor quality on the market. The first sign of a bad instrument is the price. A guitar under 50 $ is often not a real instrument. It is made of laminated wood and has a very thick varnish. These two factors already have a great influence on the sound quality. In addition, a cheaper guitar is often not well adjusted, that is to say, the strings are too long handle. This circumstance would make learning the guitar difficult and especially demotivating each child. An instrument that costs around $ 100 is already much better in terms of quality. Children guitars that cost around $ 150 are normally of very good quality and are really fun to play. Finally, it is primarily a question of budget but avoid guitars children too cheaper. Most of these guitars are rather toys. In the buying guide we explain what to watch and consider when buying a guitar child. We also have an article on buying a cheap guitar.

What is the right age to start learning guitar?

Overall it can be said a child can start playing guitar about 4 years old. There are even examples of children playing guitar already younger. Finally, the answer surely depends on the development of your child. How is his patience, concentration, and assimilative capacity? Before 4 years, it is better to buy a guitar toy first to stimulate and discover the interest of your son or daughter. On the page of the ideal age to start playing the guitar, we will address this issue in more depth.

Where to buy a guitar for children?

The small store may have only certain sizes, often 1/2 and 3/4 guitars and not a great choice. Otherwise, there are also online music stores like Woodbrass or Thomann where you find everything you can imagine in terms of guitar. But even on Amazon, you find good guitars for children.

If you do not want to spend too much money and still have a good instrument for your child, you could buy a used guitar. On the bitcoin, you will probably find people selling kids guitars. Because a small guitar is perfect for a young beginner but at one point the child is too big for this guitar. In this case, you have to buy another guitar and why not sell the old guitar? But if you want to buy a guitar on leboncoin, check the instrument well. Often parents say that the instrument is in good condition because their child played on it not long ago. But that does not mean that the guitar does not hurt. If the guitars are not your domain, try to find someone who can accompany you and who knows the guitars well.

Methods to learn guitar to children

There are three options for learning a child’s guitar:

  • You know how to play the guitar and you’re even a guitarist, so you can teach the guitar to your child
  • You send your child to a music school or a guitar teacher
  • Your child is already old and motivated that he can learn the guitar independently.

Normally parents choose the second option because this option appears the most promising. It’s ok but you have to take into account that a guitar lesson is expensive and you have to take the child to the music school. It depends firstly on your budget and secondly what you are considering – for example, should my child learn the instrument with notes or not? If you want to look for a guitar teacher for your child there are also practical tips to consider. Buying a children’s guitar book is also a good idea at the beginning – of course, as long as your daughter or son already knows how to read. In this way, you can see if the child is motivated enough before paying for a guitar lesson. In one more detailed article, you will find more information on methods to learn the guitar.

The child already knows how to hold the guitar, how to hit the strings and play some basic chords, they can try to learn easy chunks . Especially maternal songs are very simple to learn. Most children already know the lyrics. In addition, they are very short.

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