A sweet melody, charming folk. The acoustic guitar has everything to please music lovers. A music lover who acquires the best acoustic guitar is not capricious.

However, be aware that these instruments are offered in different formats. Not to mention that they also differ from each other by the nature of their wood, ropes, mechanics, keys, easel tips, etc. On the other hand, each guitarist has his preferences whether in terms of nut and bridge, playability, soundbox or even holster.

To make the best choice, it is up to everyone to define their personal criteria. Anyway, consult a few opinions and refer to a comparative guide such as this one will never be too much.

What is the best acoustic guitar?

The good acoustic guitar will always be the one that best suits the gaming trends of the guitarist. A lover of classical, pop or flamenco songs will find better happiness in a model with a wide sleeve and ropes made of nylon for example. As for rockers, jazzists, and blues lovers, they will get a better sound with a model with metal strings.

In addition, the level and dexterity of the guitarist must be taken into account. For beginners, the choice should be towards a narrow-handled model. For children, a junior or child model will remain the most conciliatory. As for left-handers, they will enjoy a better comfort by exercising their finger-picking on a model dedicated to their dexterity.

In addition to the criteria the wytches above, of course, one has to look at its budget while focusing on the good quality of the desired product.

Yamaha F370 Acoustic Guitar


This instrument features a spruce body, keys and a rosewood bridge, and bronze rope. It produces a robust sound translated by a good balance between clear highs and deep bass.
This model is recommended for guitarists with small hands and beginners for an easy grip.
In terms of benefits, the product offers excellent value for money. In addition, its finish has nothing to envy of major brands.

Stagg SW201 BLS Acoustic Guitar


This Stagg is offered with maple touches on its nato neck. Its soundbox and its splints are made of linden. At the level of the finish, it presents a beautiful look shiny in its glossy blue color with black borders.
This model is particularly recommended for young guitarists, whether they are learning or in terms of practice.
Its 3/4 size greatly benefits this Stagg SW201. It allows, in this case, to perfect more quickly the action of the fingers.

Ibanez JamPack IJV50 Quickstart Dreadnought


For its part, this Ibanez is made with a spruce top, an Agathis body, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. Its mechanics are chrome and it is offered with an electronic tuner, a strap, picks, and a carrying bag.
With its metallic acoustic guitar strings, this model is recommended for anyone looking for dynamic sound with increased clarity.
The Ibanez V50NJP has a fine handle that makes it easy to grip

Acoustic guitar Ts-ideen 53371


This Ts-ideen comes with a set of accessories that includes: a soft and padded case made of waterproof fabric, 6 spare strings, 3 picks, for classical guitar, a folding stand, an adjustable strap, and a digital tuner.
This model is recommended for experienced players who are looking for a metallic sound and a clear resonance.
In its Grand Auditorium format, this guitar is favored by a comfortable grip. Besides, its tuner enjoys a high-quality LCD screen.

Martin Smith W-101-N-PK – Guitarra acústica con soporte


Martin Smith W-101-N-PK – Guitarra acústica con soporte, color natural
This pack comes from the Martin Smith brand. The decisive lot consists of a guitar of the chosen color, a cover, a set of string, a tuner, a strap, and 3 picks. At the level of the characteristics, the body of each guitar is made in spruce, the sleeves are in maple and the mechanics are chromed.
This product will suit lovers of jazz and classical songs.
The MSA benefits from an advantageous comfort weight for guitarists of all levels.

The size and type of guitar

With an electric guitar, the choice of format and therefore the type is relatively easy to do. On the other hand, on a folk guitar, the type and size of the instrument often make the buyer perplexed. Anyway, guitars size 3/4 are especially for children and those sizes 4/4 are dedicated to adults.

In any case, before validating your purchase refer to your morphology. Choose a model that fits your size.

As for the type, you would have to choose between the orchestra model, the large auditorium, the dreadnought, the slope-shouldered dread or the jumbo. In sum, you need to refer to the instrument’s curvatures to detect the comfort-workability ratio.

This design

The aesthetics of your instrument will encourage you even more in your exercises. The choice of design will, therefore, depend entirely on your personal taste. Nevertheless, take into account the handling of the instrument before opting for a format that will eventually discourage you.

Sound influence of the soundbox

The soundbox of your guitar will define the sharpness and the dynamics of its sound reproduction. Whether you want to take a classical guitar, electro-acoustic, or a jumbo to imitate Elvis, take into account the nature of the wood of the soundbox. Regarding this, here is the list of woods that often come into play in the manufacture of acoustic guitars:


This wood is durable and always offers optimal volume even without a microphone. In addition, it is very popular because is compatible with the manufacture of various formats of acoustic guitars. In short, the spruce will make a very good choice of the soundbox, especially for fans of folk walks.


As for mahogany, it offers a warm and round melody reminiscent of blues, country or folk. If you tend to adhere to these categories of music, opt for the mahogany body guitar.


Generally, rosewood is used to shape the back, sides, and neck of guitars. This wood, however, is expensive, affects an uptrend the price of an acoustic guitar. In addition, it is rare on the market.


The grain of the maple is different from that of other woods. Maple is often the back and sides of folk guitars. For the transparency of the sound it sounds, the maple is recommended for guitarists who intend to bring their touch of the guitar to the wedding songs.

Explanation of price differences

A great variation of the price is always noticed when one wishes to buy a good folk guitar. In fact, price differences are based on a number of factors, including the mode of manufacture, the essence of the wood, and the texture of the wood.

For example, an artisanal instrument will cost more than a factory model. In addition, if the manufacturer chooses rare gasoline, he will sell his instruments at a price that will make the price of the raw material profitable.

Regarding the texture of the wood, the solid will cost more than the laminate. However, a solid wood scraper requires more maintenance than its laminated counterpart. The use of a humidifier is for example necessary to maintain the flexibility of its box in hot weather.

If you think about it, it is the cost of raw materials and the cost of manufacturing that affect the price of guitars. However, regardless of how it is made and whatever its design material, a good instrument is measured by its ability to deliver clean, clear and balanced sound.

Features to consider before buying

Evaluate the following features before making your purchase:

The format

The question of formats has already been mentioned above. Here is what is more clearly: the format of your instrument is defined by its curves and the cut of his pan or cutaway. If you opt for a large orchestra or orchestra, you will get a sound that will stand out from the rest of the instrumentals.

With a large auditorium, the challenge of the sound spectrum is raised thanks to the advantageous size of its table. In terms of dreadnoughts, these formats are specifically dedicated to accompaniment and learning the “picking” pick. As for the Jumbo, it stands out by its rather large size but is played in the same way as the folks.

When it comes to pan or cutaway cuts, a cutaway scraper will make it easier to reach the frets.


It is not uncommon to find acoustic guitars with amplifiers and mics. Models that have a resonator are also quite easy to find. In addition, some manufacturers offer their instrument with a full panel of equalizer and tuner, in addition to microphones and resonators, to allow guitarists to adjust the volume of their game as needed.

The handle

The size or rather the thickness of the neck of the instrument will depend on the volume of his body and the number of frets with which it is set. The model of your choice must have an ergonomic thickness handle. In other words, match the size of the handle to that of your hands.


The accuracy of your instrument will be heard when you grant it. An incorrectly calculated accuracy results in a distorted intonation. To record a piece and to play on stage, it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the correctness of the guitar is well calibrated.

The soundbox

Regarding the case of the guitar, always choose the one that can offer you a sound compatible with your intentions of games.

The mechanics

At the mechanical level, be sure to always opt for models resistant to corrosion such as chrome metal. Such mechanics will make you enjoy an easy maintenance.

The easel and the keys

The materials that go into the design of the bridge and keys play a vital role in the durability of the instrument. However, they do not interfere in sound production. Just be sure to pick a top quality trestle and keys.


In terms of finishing, the most important thing is to choose a rendering that will please the eyes! However, the finish may have some impact on the sound output. So, be sure to make the right choice.

Steel or nylon ropes?

Whether you choose a 6- string or 12-string model the biggest question is about the nature of these. If you are more inclined to play the classic, choose the nylon strings. For those looking for a more rock and powerful sound, there will be nothing like steel ropes. However, this last option will encourage you to invest in a lot of finger guards.

Errors not to be made at the time of purchase

When you purchase your instrument, make sure it is not offered with plastic dowels. Even if your budget is limited, such a choice will make you regret the investment, because the plastic offers a low strength of resistance compared to chromed metal.

Then, whether ambidextrous or left-handed, choosing a model that allows you to work your left hand is recommended. As for the right-handers, they will be spoiled for choice.

Besides, choosing a model with complete accessories including capo and tuner is always a good option.

Finally, you should never neglect the purchase of a hard case if you want to preserve the best of his instrument.

Buy a kids acoustic guitar

Nhờ thân đàn rỗng, guitar acoustic luôn mang đến sự cộng hưởng thuận lợi và cho phép đôi tai tốt nhất học chơi dễ dàng hơn. Ngay cả những người trẻ nhất cũng có thể học cách xử lý nhạc cụ này trong một thời gian ngắn.

Of course, they will have to start with the easy songs, but it is possible for them to have a complete mastery in only a few months. To choose the right guitar for children, it will focus on the nature of the strings and the size of the instrument.

Specifically, a guitar for children must be equipped with extra light strings and must have a size adequate to the measurements of young guitarists. Generally, 1/4 models are suitable for children from 2 to 5 years, 1/2 refers to 5 to 8 years and 3/4 to 8 years to 12 years. From 13 years old, it is possible to play with a standard size instrument.

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